Trademark: SUN GENIUS 2070836
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
21 February 2020
Registration Date
21 February 2020
Renewal Date
21 February 2030

Davies Collison Cave Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Cosmetics, toiletries; preparations for the hair; essential oils; perfumes and other perfumed products; bubble bath; bubble bath; sanitary preparations (other than for medical purposes); vaginal washes for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes; cleaning preparations for sanitary purposes; washing preparations for personal use bath and shower gel, soaps for personal use; cleansers for intimate hygiene purposes, non medicated; body creams; body oils; personal care products (cosmetics); beauty products; aftershave gels and lotions; antiperspirant; artificial nails; artificial lashes; bath oil; beauty masks; facial masks (cosmetics); cleaning masks for the face; body paint; bath beads; bath salts; blush; body and skin lotions; body glitter; body cleanser; body wash; body scrub; body gel; body bronzers; cleanser for the face; cologne; cotton swabs; creams for the body; cream for cuticles; cream for the eyes; cream for the face; creams including, cream for hands or feet; deodorant; exfoliators; eye gels; eye makeup; eye makeup pencils; eye shadow; eyeliner; eye lashes; false eye lashes; face mist; facial wipes impregnated with cleansers; face scrub; face toner; foundation; body splash; body mist; hair conditioner; hair dyes; hair dyes; hair shampoo; dandruff treatments in the form of non-medicated shampoos; herbal anti-dandruff shampoo; hair removal creams; hair spray; hair styling gel; hair styling mousse; lotion for the body; lotion for the hands; lotion for the face; lotion for the feet; lip balm; lip gloss; lip makeup pencils; lipstick; lip liner; makeup; makeup remover; mascara; massage cream; massage oils; nail corrector pens; nail polish; nail polish remover; non-medicated blemish stick; non-medicated cleanser for the face; non medicated body sprays; non medicated hair sprays; non medicated mouth spray; non-medicated massage ointment; oil blotting sheets for the skin; powders for the body face or the feet; pumices; rouge; shaving cream; salt scrubs for the skin; shower gel and cream; skin bronzing cream; soaps, including soaps for the face, the hands or body; moisturisers (cosmetics); aftershave moisturising cream; body moisturisers; eye moisturisers for cosmetic use; cosmetic moisturising preparations, including, body lotion, creams, gels and lotions; non-medicated moisturisers; socks impregnated with cosmetic moisturising cream; sun block for the body and face, suntan lotion for the body, suntan lotion for the face, sunless tanning lotion, pre sun tanning lotion, post-sun tanning lotion, after sun moisturisers; oils for moisturising the skin after sun bathing; talcum powder; adhesive tapes for affixing false hair; adhesives for affixing false hair; bleaches for use on the hair; bleaching preparations for the hair; chemical preparations for the hair; colour rinses (for the hair); colouring lotions for the hair; conditioners for treating the hair; conditioners for use on the hair; conditioning preparations for the hair; cosmetics for the use on the hair; cosmetics for the use on the hair; creams for the hair; dyes for the hair; fixatives for the hair; gels for use on the hair; hair balm; hair bleaching preparations; hair care agents; hair care products; hair colorants; hair conditioning rinses; hair cream; hair cosmetics; hair curling preparations; hair fixers; hair fixing oil; hair gel; hair grooming preparations; hair moisturisers; hair mousse; hair setting lotion; hair styling aids; hair permanent treatments; hair wave solutions; hair thickeners; spirit gum for affixing false hair; topical preparations for promoting hair growth; tints for the hair; hair removing preparations; hair protection creams; bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; dentifrices; all purpose cleaning and cleansing preparations, including, surface cleaning preparations, glass cleaning preparations and hand cleaning preparations; all purpose polishing, preserving, beautifying and protecting preparations being polishing preservatives including preservatives and beautifiers for rubber, vinyl, leather and plastic; carpet cleaning preparations; laundry detergents; wheel and tyre cleaners; brake parts cleaner; carburettor cleaner; disposable wipes impregnated with chemicals for cleaning and protecting automobiles; degreasing preparations for engines and motor vehicles; windshield cleaning preparations; car cleaning preparations; car polish; car shampoos; room fragrances; room and car fresheners; deodorants for pets; shampoos for pets; paper wipes impregnated with cosmetic toilet preparations
Class 5:
Pharmaceutical, medicinal and veterinary preparations; medicated cosmetics and medicated toiletries; medicated preparations for the hair; medicated facial care preparations; eye moisturisers for medical use; moisturisers (pharmaceuticals); medicated aftershave moisturising cream; medicated body moisturisers; medicated eye moisturisers; medicated moisturising preparations, including, medicated body lotion, medicated creams, medicated gels and medicated lotions; medicated after sun products, including, medicated after sun creams and medicated creams for application after exposure to the sun; medicated creams, gels and lotions all for protection against the sun; pharmaceutical preparations for sun protection; sun block for medical use; sun blocking lipsticks for medical use; scrubs (preparations) for medical use; acne cleansers (pharmaceutical preparations); antiseptic cleansers; skin cleansers (medicated); acne creams (pharmaceutical preparations); babies' creams (medicated); body creams (medicated); medicated creams; medicated creams for the body; medicated creams for the eyes; medicated creams for the face; medicated creams for the feet; medicated creams for the hands; medicated creams for the lips; medicated creams for the skin; night creams (medicated); sun creams for medical use; body care preparations (medicated); body care products (medicated); medicated bath gels; medicated gel for cleaning the skin; sun gel for medical use; medicated shampoos dandruff treatments in the form of medicated shampoos; preparations for the treatment of dandruff; medicated preparations for the treatment of the scalp; medicated scalp treatments; self tanning preparations for medical purposes; sun-tanning preparations (ingestible substances); tanning pills; absorbent cotton pads (for medical purposes); antiseptic cotton; cotton for medical purposes; cotton wool in the form of buds for medical use; perfumed creams for medical use; perfumed substances for medical use; baby food; medicated baby care products; pharmaceutical preparations containing essential oils; medicated mouth washes; preparations for care of the nails (medical); preparations for the nails (medicated); medicated powders; medicated toiletry preparations; adhesive tape for medical use; medicated hair lotions; sanitary preparations for personal hygiene including sanitary pads, tampons, liners, napkins; santy liners (sanitary); sanitary linings for briefs; food for babies; infant food and drink; babies' diapers; diaper-pants; sanitary napkins of paper and cellulose (disposable) in this class; babies napkins of paper and cellulose (disposable) in this class; dental wax; medicated pet shampoo; medicated washing preparations; algaecides (chemicals for swimming pool maintenance); disinfectants for use in swimming pools; antiseptics; filled first aid kits; adhesive bandages (dressings); filled first aid boxes; wipes impregnated with antibacterial preparations; wipes for medical use; cotton wool in the form of wipes for medical use; impregnated antiseptic wipes; impregnated medicated wipes; impregnated napkins (wipes) of cellulose containing medicated preparations; moist wipes impregnated with a pharmaceutical lotion; paper wipes impregnated with medicated preparations; paper wipes impregnated with medicated toilet preparations; wipes for hygienic (cleaning) purposes, other than impregnated with cleaning preparations; wipes for hygienic (medical) purposes; wipes for hygienic (surgical) purposes; cleaning preparations for contact lenses; contact lens cleaning preparations; liquids for preserving contact lenses; ophthalmic preparations for the care of contact lenses; ophthalmic preparations for the cleaning of contact lenses; preparations for the disinfection of contact lenses; preparations for the rinsing of contact lenses; preparations for the storing of contact lenses; preparations for use on contact lenses; bandages, tapes, plasters, materials for dressings; adhesive dressing strips; adhesive strips for medical purposes; water proof adhesive strips for medical purposes; masking strips (adhesive) for medical use; adhesive bands for medical use; hygienic bands; pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations for medical purposes; dietetic food and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use; dietary supplements for humans and animals; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides