Trademark: NUWARU 2066660
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
05 February 2020
Registration Date
05 February 2020
Renewal Date
05 February 2030

Gorton IP

Goods and Services:
Class 36:
Corporate finance consultancy; Corporate finance services; Corporate financing; Corporate funds management; Corporate lending; Corporate trust services; Corporate trustee services; Financial advisory services relating to tax; Financial advisory services relating to taxation; Income tax financial advice; Provision of tax advice (financial); Tax advice (financial); Tax consultancy (financial); Tax consultations (financial); Tax financial planning; Tax returns financial consultancy; Tax services (financial); Account debiting services; Issuing of statements of accounts; Payment of bills and accounts for others; Provision of current accounts; Advisory services relating to (financial) risk management; Advisory services relating to finance; Advisory services relating to financial investment; Advisory services relating to financial matters; Advisory services relating to financial planning; Advisory services relating to financing; Advisory services relating to investment finance; Collection of financial information; Computerised financial services; Conducting financial feasibility studies; Consultancy services relating to finance; Consultation services relating to financial matters; Consultations (Financial); Economic financial research services; Financial advice; Financial advisory services; Financial advisory services for companies; Financial advisory services for individuals; Financial affairs; Financial analysis; Financial appraisals; Financial assessments; Financial asset management; Financial assistance; Financial consultancy; Financial evaluations; Financial evaluation (insurance, banking, real estate); Financial information services; Financial services; Provision of information relating to financial services; Management of finances; Management of financial assets; Organisation of financial collections; Organising financial collections; Provision of finance; Provision of financial information; Financial investment research services; Insurance research; Investment research; Research services relating to banking; Research services relating to finance; Research services relating to investment; Research services relating to real estate; Taxation financial consultancy services