Trademark: Homecorp Finance 2066212
Homecorp Finance
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
07 February 2020
Registration Date
07 February 2020
Renewal Date
07 February 2030


Goods and Services:
Class 36:
Financing of home loans; Financing of personal loans; Guaranteed loans; Loans (financing); Loans against securities; Mortgage loans; Provision of commercial loans; Provision of consumer loans; Provision of home loans; Provision of loans; Provision of mortgage loans; Provision of real estate loans; Provision of secured loans; Secured loans; Advisory services relating to finance; Advisory services relating to investment finance; Arranging finance for construction projects; Consultancy services relating to finance; Consultancy services relating to personal finance; Finance leasing; Lease purchase finance; Management of finances; Personal finance services; Provision of commercial finance; Provision of equipment finance; Provision of finance; Provision of lease-purchase finance facilities; Raising of finance; Advice relating to mortgages for residential properties; Advice services relating to enhancement of mortgages; Advisory services relating to mortgages; Provision of information relating to mortgages; Provision of mortgages; Advice regarding lending services; Agency services for lending on mortgage; Commercial lending; Financial lending; Lending against securities; Lending against security; Lending on mortgage; Mortgage lending; Acquisition for financial investment; Advice relating to investments; Advisory services relating to financial investment; Financial investment; Financial investment advisory services; Financial investment management services; Financing of investments; Loan services for property investment; Mortgage investment management; Residential investment advice; Commercial mortgage brokerage; Mortgage advice; Mortgage banking and brokerage; Mortgage brokerage services; Mortgage brokering; Mortgage broking; Mortgage financing services; Mortgage loan services; Mortgage services; Provision of online mortgage repayment calculators; Mortgage banking; Advisory services relating to financing; Credit (financing); Equity financing; Financing services; Hire purchase financing; Hire-purchase financing; Instalment loan financing; Lease-purchase financing; Loan financing; Real estate financing; Advisory services relating to loan services; Financial loan services; Loan services; Personal loan services; Revolving loan services