Trademark: MONT NORD 2065087
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
01 February 2020
Registration Date
01 February 2020
Renewal Date
01 February 2030


Goods and Services:
Class 25:
apparel (clothing, footwear, headgear); articles of clothing made from wool; articles of clothing made of fur; articles of clothing made of hides; articles of clothing made of imitation leather; articles of clothing made of leather; articles of clothing made of plush; articles of fancy dress; articles of water-resistant clothing; articles of waterproof clothing; articles of weatherproof clothing; articles of windproof clothing; athletic clothing; athletics wear; bandanas (neckerchiefs); bands (for wear); baseball caps; bath robes; casual clothing; casual jackets; casual shirts; casual trousers; casualwear; clothes; clothing; embroidered clothing; fingerless gloves; flat caps; gloves (clothing); headwear; headscarves; headscarfs; headbands (clothing); hats; handwarmers; jackets (clothing); jackets for casual wear; jackets for men; jackets for women; jumpers (pullovers); jumpers (sweaters); knitted clothing; knitwear (clothing); leather garments; leather coats; long pants; men's clothing; menswear; mittens; neck scarves; polo neck jumpers; polo shirts; polo sweaters; polo tops; printed t-shirts; pyjamas; pullovers; ready-made clothing; ready-to-wear clothing; shirts; silk clothing; silk scarves; skull caps; sleeveless tops; sleepwear; socks; sports clothing (other than golf gloves); sports garments (other than golf gloves); sports headgear (other than helmets); sports jackets; sports jerseys; sports jumpers; sports shirts; sports singlets; sports socks; sports sweaters; t-shirts; tank tops; tee-shirts; tracksuits; track pants; track tops; toques (hats); top hats; turtlenecks; unlined jackets; vests; waistbands; waistcoats; woven articles of clothing; woven garments; woven shirts; wraparounds; wraps (clothing); wrist warmers; wristbands (clothing); wristbands (sweatbands); wristlets (clothing)
Class 33:
alcohol for drinking; alcoholic beverages (except beer); alcoholic beverages containing fruit; alcoholic beverages containing wine; alcoholic cocktails; alcoholic essences; alcoholic extracts; alcoholic extracts of fruits; alcoholic mixed drinks; alcoholic preparations for making beverages; alcoholic punches; aperitifs; beverages containing wine (wine predominating); blended wine; blended whisky; bourbon whisky; brandy; brandy based liqueurs; cider; carbonated beverages (alcoholic, except beers); cocktails; cooking liqueurs; cooking wine; dessert wine; digesters (liqueurs and spirits); distilled alcoholic beverages; distilled beverages; drinks containing wine (wine predominating); dry fortified wine; dry red wine; dry sparkling wines; dry white wine; dry wine; fermented liquors; fermented spirit; fortified wines; fruit based alcoholic beverages; fruit extracts (alcoholic); gin; ginger wine; grain spirit produced from wheat; liqueurs; liquors (alcoholic beverages); low alcohol cider; low alcohol cocktails; low alcohol spirits; low alcohol wine; malt whisky; mead; mead (hydromel); mulled wines; non-sparkling wines; perry; pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, other than beer-based; red wine; rum; sangria; sparkling cider (alcoholic); sparkling fruit wines; sparkling wines; spirit based cocktails (spirits predominating); spirits (beverages); still liqueurs; still spirits; still wines; sweet fortified wine; sweet red wine; sweet sparkling wine; sweet white wine; sweet wine; vodka; vintage wines; whisky; white wine; wine; wine hampers