Trademark: EMTOP 2060853
Trademark Type
Protected: Registered/protected
Application Date
30 October 2019
Registration Date
30 October 2019
Renewal Date
30 October 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 7:
Agricultural machines; lawnmowers [machines]; aerating pumps for aquaria; forage harvesters; milking machines; electric hair clipping machines for animals; woodworking machines; saws [machines]; corrugated paperboard making machines; machines for making diaper-pants of paper; printing machines; looms; sizing machines; tea processing machines; electromechanical food preparation machines; brewing machines; tobacco processing machines; leather-working machines; stitching machines; bicycle assembling machines; brick making machines; engraving machines; machines for making electric batteries; cord making machines; enamel making machines; machines for making bulbs; packaging machines; machines for making coal briquettes; electric kitchen machines; washing machines [laundry]; centrifugal mills; gluing machines; glass-working machines; fertilizers making machines; electromechanical machines for chemical industry; mine borers; cutters [machines]; oil-well pumping machines; mixing machines; disintegrators; cranes [lifting and hoisting apparatus]; pneumatic hammers; trimming machines; foundry machines; metalworking machines; steam engines; igniting devices for internal combustion engines; wind-powered installations for generating electricity; machines for making needles; machines for making zippers; stands for machines; cutting machines; machines for making wires and cables; tools [parts of machines]; machines and apparatus for polishing [electric]; drilling heads [parts of machines]; hand-held tools, other than hand-operated; power-operated angle grinders; machines for the manufacture of electronic components; machines for the production of electronic instruments; machines for use in the manufacture of electronic instruments; machines for use in the manufacture of electronic parts; machines for washing electronic components in chemicals; machines for washing electronic components in solvents; machines for the production of optical apparatus; machines for separating gas; paint spraying machines; dynamos; motors, other than for land vehicles; pumps [machines]; valves [parts of machines]; compressed air machines; pneumatic cylinder (part of machines); propulsion mechanisms, other than for land vehicles; bearings [parts of machines]; belts for machines; electric welding machines; electric machines and apparatus for cleaning; high pressure washers; vacuum cleaners; filter presses; electric door rollers; electric shoe polishers; electroplating machines; electric door openers.
Class 9:
Computer programs [downloadable software]; counters; apparatus to check franking; counterfeit coin detectors; ticket dispensers; voting machines; apparatus for scanning the retina for the security identification of persons; biometric identification apparatus; photocopiers [photographic, electrostatic, thermic]; weighing apparatus and instruments; measuring apparatus; electronic notice boards; navigational instruments; electronic video surveillance apparatus; cameras [photography]; surveying apparatus and instruments; levels [instruments for determining the horizontal]; speed checking apparatus for vehicles; pressure measuring apparatus; chemistry apparatus and instruments; electric measuring devices; lasers, not for medical purposes; optical apparatus and instruments; materials for electricity mains [wires, cables]; semi-conductors; electronic chip cards; condensers [capacitors]; electric switches; electric couplings; electric plugs; control panels [electricity]; covers for electric outlets; video screens; remote control apparatus; optical fibers [light conducting filaments]; heat regulating apparatus; lightning rods; electrolysers; fire extinguishing apparatus; radiological apparatus for industrial purposes; protection devices for personal use against accidents; clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; protective masks; gloves for protection against accidents; knee-pads for workers; electric theft prevention installations; electric locks; eyeglasses; electric batteries; chargers for electric batteries; animated cartoons; safety boots for industrial use; electric sockets; industrial contactor starters, electrical; ear plugs for divers; electric locks; biometric fingerprint door locks; industrial endoscope cameras; rearview cameras for vehicles; sensor; alarms; cabinets for loudspeakers; printers for use with computers; mobile power supplies, namely rechargeable batteries; tachographs; bathroom scales; remote control apparatus; computer network switches; computer network bridges; internet router; radio receivers and transmitters; radio signal tuners; electric door bells; interphones; video phones; video monitor; air analysis apparatus; wireless routers.