Trademark: J-BELE 2058278
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
18 December 2019
Registration Date
18 December 2019
Renewal Date
18 December 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 29:
Baked meat; Cold meats; Cooked meals consisting principally of meat and vegetables; Cooked meat; Dried meats; Food products derived from meat; Food products made from meat; Frozen meat; Frozen meat products; Meat; Smoked meats; Canned fish; Chilled meals made from fish; Dried fish; Farmed fish; Farmed fish products; Fish (not live); Fish products; Frozen fish; Frozen fish products; Egg products; Eggs; Eggs for use for medical, scientific or pharmaceutical purposes; Fish eggs for human consumption; Canned vegetables; Cooked dishes with vegetables (vegetables predominating); Cooked meals consisting principally of vegetables; Cooked vegetables; Food products made from cooked vegetables; Food products made from dried vegetables; Food products made from preserved vegetables; Snack foods made from dehydrated vegetables; Snack foods made from dried vegetables; Snack foods made from extruded vegetables; Snack foods made from pre-cooked vegetables; Vegetable food products; Blended vegetable oils; Blends of edible oils and fats; Bone oil for food; Butter oil; Coconut oil for food; Cooking oils; Edible oils; Fish in olive oil; Food spreads being a blend of edible oils and edible fats; Food spreads consisting principally of edible oils; Nut oils; Olive oil; Olive oil for food; Vegetable oil for culinary purposes; Vegetable oils (edible); Blanched nut kernels; Candied nuts; Edible nuts; Flavored nuts; Food products made from cooked nuts; Food products made from dried nuts; Food products made from nuts; Canned fruits; Cooked fruits; Food products made from cooked fruits; Food products made from dried fruits; Food products made from preserved fruits; Fruit based snack food
Class 40:
Food and drink preservation; Food and drink processing (for others); Food processing (other than cooking); Preservation of food; Treatment of animal foodstuffs; Treatment of cooked foods; Chemical processing of liquids; Processing of chemicals; Processing of materials; Processing of seeds; Anti-mildew treatment services; Anti-moth treatment services; Anti-mould treatment services; Bevelling of glass; Glass-blowing; Grinding of optical glass; Optical glass grinding; Tinting of glass; Abrasive polishing; French polishing; Metal polishing; Polishing; Polishing (surface treatment) of floors; Polishing of gems; Polishing of jewellery; Polishing of metals; Surface polishing; Customised printing of images and text onto a variety of goods; Pattern printing; Photo printing; Photographic film printing; Photographic printing; Printing; Screen printing on textiles and clothing; Silkscreen printing; T-shirt printing; Wool printing; Moulding of textiles; Surfacing of textiles; Textile cutting; Textile dyeing; Textile finishing; Textile printing; Textile treating; Treatment of textiles; Production of energy; Firing pottery; Pottery firing; Preservative treatment of wood (other than painting); Pressure-treatment of wood and timber (preservation) (for others); Stripping of wooden objects; Treatment of wood; Wood carving; Wood preservation; Wood treatment services; Woodworking; Alteration of clothing (custom manufacture); Application of appliques to clothing; Cloth cutting; Cloth treating; Clothing alteration; Treatment of cloth
Class 44:
Landscape design; Landscape gardening; Advisory services relating to horticulture; Cultivation advisory services relating to horticulture; Horticulture; Pest control services for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry; Pest exterminating (for agriculture, horticulture and forestry); Providing information, including online, about agriculture, horticulture, and forestry services; Vermin exterminating for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry; Advisory services relating to water gardening; Gardening; Rental of animals for gardening purposes; Rental of gardening apparatus; Consultancy in relation to occupational health and safety (therapeutic and rehabilitation services); Illness rehabilitation services; Injury rehabilitation services; Narcotic rehabilitation; Occupational health and safety services (therapeutic and rehabilitation services); Provision of exercise facilities for health rehabilitation purposes; Rehabilitation for substance abuse patients; Rehabilitation services (health care); Surgery rehabilitation services; Sanatoriums; Nursing homes; Advisory services relating to nutrition; Consultancy relating to nutrition; Counselling relating to nutrition; Nutrition consultancy; Nutritional advisory services; Provision of information relating to nutrition; Advisory services relating to beauty treatment; Beauty care services; Beauty consultancy; Beauty consultation; Beauty counselling; Beauty salon services; Beauty salons; Beauty treatment services; Consultancy relating to beauty; Consultancy relating to beauty care; Consultancy services relating to personal appearance (hair, beauty, cosmetics); Health spas (health, hygiene and beauty care services); Hygienic and beauty care for human beings; Personal care services (medical nursing, health, hygiene and beauty care); Advisory services relating to health; Consultancy relating to health care; Health assessment surveys; Health care; Health care consultancy services (medical); Health centers; Health centres; Health clinic services; Health counselling; Health farm services (medical); Healthcare; Information services relating to health care; Medical health assessment services