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28 November 2019
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28 November 2019
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28 November 2029

Marshalls & Dent Lawyers

Goods and Services:
Class 16:
Book binders; Book jackets; Bookends; Booklets; Bookmarks; Books; Books for children; Books for colouring purposes; Business books; Comic books; Covers for books; Display books; Duplicate books; Non-fiction books; Note folders; Note pads; Notebooks; Office supplies (stationery); Stationery; Adhesive wall decorations of paper; Advertisements (printed matter); Advertising posters; Albums; Annuals (printed publications); Articles of paper for display purposes; Audiovisual teaching materials (printed matter); Ballpoint pens; Beer mats; Bumper stickers; Business cards; Calendars; Car stickers; Cardboard; Cards; Cartoon publications for children; Cartoon publications for teenagers; Cartoons (printed matter); Cases for holding documents (stationery); Cases for pens; Cases for personal planners; Cassette covers (paper or card); Catalogues; Children's paint-boxes; Children's painting sets; Children's slates; Clothes patterns; Colouring boards; Comic strips (printed matter); Comics; Compostable bags; Decals; Desk pads; Diaries; Display binders; Display cards; Documents; Dossiers; Drapes of paper; Drawing articles; Drawings; Drawings (graphic); Dress making patterns; DVD containers made of cardboard; DVD containers made of flexible plastics film; DVD containers made of paper; Engravings; File covers; Fine art prints; Fine paper; Flyers; Folder boxes; Framed greetings cards; Framed photographs; Framed pictures; Framed posters; Framed prints; Graphics (printed matter); Images (printed matter); Journals; Literary works; Magazine covers; Model figures (ornaments) made of card; Model figures (ornaments) made of paper; Model figures (ornaments) made of papier mache; Newsletters; Paper crafts materials; Postcards; Printed publications; Prints; Scenery for use in film production; Scenery for use in television; Scenery for use in the theatre; Writing materials; Tissue papers; Stamp albums; Record album covers of cardboard; Record album covers of paper; Record album covers of plastic; Publications for children
Class 21:
Cardboard cups; Coffee cups; Cups; Cups of paper or plastic; Drinking cups; Glass cups; Paper cups; Plastic cups; Beer mugs; Beverageware; Containers for beverages; Cosies for beverages; Flasks for containing beverages; Portable containers (household) for beverages; Drinking containers; Drinking flasks; Drinking glasses; Drinking goblets; Domestic utensils; Household utensils; Kitchen utensils; Plastic utensils; Plastics trays (household utensils); Household containers; Art objects of china; Art objects of earthenware; Art objects of glass; Bottles; Bottle openers; Ceramic figurines; Ceramic mugs; Ceramic tableware; Cookie jars; Crystal (glassware); Crystal ornaments; Decorated chinaware; Decorated earthenware; Decorated porcelain ware; Doll figurines of ceramic; Doll figurines of china; Doll figurines of earthenware; Doll figurines of porcelain; Doll figurines terracotta; Drink coasters (other than of paper or textile); Figures made of ceramic; Figures made of china; Figures made of crystal; Figures made of decorative glass; Figures made of earthenware; Figures made of glass; Figures made of lead crystal; Figures made of porcelain; Figures made of terracotta; Figurines made of ceramic; Figurines made of china; Figurines made of crystal; Figurines made of decorative glass; Figurines made of earthenware; Figurines made of glass; Figurines made of lead crystal; Figurines made of porcelain; Figurines made of terracotta; Garden gnomes of earthenware; Garden gnomes of glass; Garden gnomes of porcelain; Glass containers; Kitchenware; Mugs; Ornaments (statues) made of ceramics; Ornaments (statues) made of china; Ornaments (statues) made of crystal; Ornaments (statues) made of earthenware; Ornaments (statues) made of glass; Ornaments (statues) made of porcelain; Ornaments in miniature form made of ceramic powder; Ornaments made of ceramics; Ornaments made of china; Ornaments made of crystal; Ornaments made of earthenware; Ornaments made of glass; Ornaments made of porcelain; Ornamental sculptures made of ceramics; Ornamental sculptures made of china; Ornamental sculptures made of crystal; Ornamental sculptures made of earthenware; Ornamental sculptures made of glass; Ornamental sculptures made of porcelain; Sculptures made from glass; Sculptures made from porcelain; Sculptures made from terracotta; Sculptures of porcelain, terracotta or glass; Pottery; Storage jars
Class 33:
Alcoholic beverages (except beer); Carbonated beverages (alcoholic, except beers); Pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, other than beer-based; Alcohol for drinking; Alcoholic beverages containing fruit; Alcoholic beverages containing wine; Alcoholic cocktails; Low alcohol cider; Low alcohol cocktails; Low alcohol spirits; Low alcohol wine; Sparkling cider (alcoholic); Beverages containing wine (wine predominating); Distilled beverages; Alcoholic mixed drinks; Blended wine; Cooking wine; Dessert wine; Drinks containing wine (wine predominating); Dry fortified wine; Dry red wine; Dry sparkling wines; Dry white wine; Dry wine; Fortified wines; Ginger Wine; Mulled wines; Non-sparkling wines; Red wine; Sparkling fruit wines; Sparkling wines; Still wines; Sweet fortified wine; Sweet red wine; Sweet sparkling wine; Sweet white wine; Sweet wine; Vintage wines; White wine; Wine; Wine hampers; Alcoholic essences; Alcoholic extracts; Alcoholic extracts of fruits; Alcoholic preparations for making beverages; Baijiu (Chinese distilled alcoholic beverage); Distilled alcoholic beverages; Eggnog (alcoholic); Fruit based alcoholic beverages; Fruit extracts (alcoholic); Liquors (alcoholic beverages); Mirin (alcoholic); Nira (sugarcane-based alcoholic beverage); Agave-based spirits; Alcopops; Anise (liqueur); Aperitifs; Arrack (arak); Bitters; Blended whisky; Bourbon whisky; Brandy; Brandy based liqueurs; Napoleon brandy; Cachaca; Rum; Rum punch; Orange liqueurs; Perry; Piquette; Peppermint liqueurs; Malt whisky; Whisky; Sake; Sangria; Cider; Cider coolers (beverages); Digesters (liqueurs and spirits); Curacao; Kirsch; Gin; Mead; Mead (hydromel); Vermouth; Still liqueurs; Still spirits; Fermented liquors; Fermented spirit; Grain spirit produced from wheat