Trademark: DOCTOR V 2054155
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
28 November 2019

Clayton Utz

Goods and Services:
Class 32:
Non-alcoholic beverages including smoothies and beverages containing chlorophyll and non-medicated isotonic beverages; drinking waters, flavoured waters, mineral and aerated waters; coconut water; carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks; fruit drinks and juices; preparations, syrups, concentrates and powders for making beverages including syrups, concentrates and powders; mineral and aerated waters, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, fruit and vegetable drinks, juices, concentrates and powders; chocolate flavoured cola drinks; preparations for making smoothies; beer, beer wort, beer-based cocktails, extracts of hops for making beer, ginger beer, ginger ale, malt beer, malt wort, non-alcoholic aloe vera drinks, non-alcoholic aperitifs, non-alcoholic cider, non-alcoholic cocktails, coffee flavoured non-alcoholic drinks, cola, fermented bean milk, fermented drinks make from ground beans, fruit crystal, fruit nectars, fruit powder, ginger beer, ginger ale, ginger juice drink, unfermented grape must, isotonic beverages, non-alcoholic kvass, lactic acid beverages, fruit based beverages, legume drinks, lemonades, lithia water, almond based beverages, mung bean beverages, must, non-alcoholic honey-based beverages, peanut milk, non-alcoholic plant based drinks, protein-rich sports drinks, sarsaparilla, sherbets and sorbets as beverages, non-alcoholic smoked plum and dark plum juice, smoothies, soda drinks, soybean drinks (not milk substitutes), soybean milk, soybean milk essence, soybean milk extractive, syrup of plum, table waters, tea flavoured non- alcoholic drinks, tomato juice, vegetable juices, whey beverages, essences for making beverages, orgeat; smoothies