Trademark: HOME COLLECTIVE 2053319
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
26 November 2019
Registration Date
26 November 2019
Renewal Date
26 November 2029

K&L Gates

Goods and Services:
Class 36:
Commercial mortgage brokerage; mortgage brokerage services; mortgage brokering financial services, including mortgage lending services and mortgage banking services; financial evaluation; credit services; financing transactions; advisory services relating to finance; advisory services relating to investment finance; consultancy services relating to finance; consultancy services relating to personal finance; corporate finance consultancy; corporate finance services; management of finances; personal finance services; provision of commercial finance; provision of finance; advisory and consultancy services relating to the provision of loans, lending and finance including re-finance including but not limited to mortgages; financial brokerage services; financial lending; financial investment and planning including retirement and superannuation investment and management; financial asset management; commercial and personal finance including the provision of banking, credit, loan and finance services; commercial and personal finance; financial assessments including financial products and services by others; property leasing; capital investment relating to property and property partnerships including joint ventures and managed investments schemes; financial affairs; monetary affairs; insurance; real estate affairs; property sales services relating to property development; real estate services relating to property development; real estate agencies; real estate leasing; real estate appraisal; real estate brokers; real estate management; real estate development namely leasing or sale of real estate developments; real estate services being the sale of property; brokerage and advice in relation to loans; analysis and interpretation of financial information and data relating to all of the aforementioned services; the aforesaid services provided by way of the global communications network