Trademark: RNR 2053280
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Fancy, Figurative
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
26 November 2019
Registration Date
26 November 2019
Renewal Date
26 November 2029

Award Winning Accounting Service Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 10:
Body massagers; Electrically operated massagers; Foot massagers; Gum massagers for babies; Acupuncture instruments; Adhesive medical instruments (supportive); Adhesive surgical instruments; Analytical instruments for medical use; Arthroscopy irrigation instruments; Autologous blood processing instruments; Automated blood collection instruments; Electronic medical instruments; Gamma instruments for measuring human cell attenuation for medical diagnostic purposes; Gynaecological instruments; Heat therapy instruments; Hemostatic instruments; High frequency coagulation instruments dental purposes; High frequency surgical apparatus and instruments; Instruments for applying dental filling; Instruments for cardiac stimulation; Instruments for contraception purposes; Instruments for diagnosis (for medical use); Instruments for massage; Instruments for use in medical analysis; Interdental immobilization instruments; Lamps for use with dental instruments; Laser beam delivery instruments for medical use; Laser instruments for medical use; Laser light treatment instruments for medical use; Manual massage instruments; Medical diagnostic instruments; Medical hearing instruments; Medical instruments; Medical instruments incorporating lasers; Medical testing instruments; Microporous hydrophillic sponges for use with surgical instruments; Orthopaedic instruments; Ostomy instruments; Pipetting instruments for medical use; Pipetting instruments for surgical use; Radiotherapy instruments for medical use; Receptacles for receiving surgical instruments; Rectal instruments; Separation instruments for medical use; Shears (surgical instruments); Surgical instruments for implantation of ligaments; Suturing instruments; Temperature measuring instruments for medical use; Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation instruments; Trays for holding medical instruments
Class 35:
Advice relating to business management; Advisory services for business management; Advisory services relating to business management; Agents' services (business management of actors, artists, authors, performing artists, photographers or writers); Benchmarking (evaluation of business organisation practices for business management purposes); Business management; Business management advice; Business management advisory services; Business management and administration services supporting utilisation of a global computer network; Business management and organization consultancy; Business management assistance; Business management consultancy; Business management for freelance service providers; Business management of call centres; Business management of hotels; Business management of outsourcing; Business management of performing artists; Business management of reimbursement programmes for others; Business management of reimbursement programs for others; Business management of sports people; Business management services relating to franchising; Charitable services, namely business management and administration; Brand creation services; Advisory services relating to business risk management; Advisory services relating to commercial planning; Advisory services relating to corporate identity; Advisory services relating to customer service; Advisory services relating to data processing; Business administration advisory services; Business advisory services; Business advisory services relating to product development; Business advisory services relating to the establishment of franchises; Business advisory services relating to the operation of franchises; Career information and advisory services (other than educational and training advice); Commercial management advisory services; Tariff information and advisory services