Trademark: AWARE SUPER 2052175
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
20 November 2019
Registration Date
20 November 2019
Renewal Date
20 November 2029

King & Wood Mallesons

Goods and Services:
Class 36:
Insurance; financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs; banking services; finance services; annuity services; contributory benefit scheme services; superannuation services; financial planning services; services relating to the investment, management, operation, administration and development of superannuation funds and schemes; pension and retirement and superannuation plans and funds; establishment and operation of superannuation funds, personal superannuation funds and self employed superannuation funds; sourcing, advising and managing infrastructure funding and assets; financial research; conducting financial feasibility studies; retirement payment and planning services; trusteeship of superannuation funds; provision of superannuation support services to individuals, employers and policy committees; electronic money transfer services; provision of finance, credit and loans; services offered by automated bank machines; deposit services; bank, investment and savings account services; bank card services (including credit, debit and travel cards); brokerage including shares, securities, mortgage, stock and bond brokerage; mortgage services; trading of shares; administration of shares; commodity trading; loans (financing); options trading currency exchange services; safe deposit services; mortgage and superannuation trusteeship; financial sponsorship; bank account information services; financial evaluation services; acquisition for financial investment; provision of rebates at participating establishments of others through use of a membership card; issuing of tokens of value in relation to customer loyalty schemes; issuing of vouchers or tokens of value in relation to the supply of benefits for customer loyalty and frequent buyer schemes; comparison of performance of securities; provision of online financial calculators and tools; provision of information, consultancy and advisory services relating to all the foregoing; none of the foregoing relating to business management, business administration services and consultancy or charitable fund raising