Trademark: AUTO PACIFIC GROUP 2051315
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
15 November 2019
Registration Date
15 November 2019
Renewal Date
15 November 2029

Macpherson Kelley

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Aerials for the transmission of signals; apparatus for connecting electronics; apparatus for electrical signal transmission; apparatus for the transmission of electrical signals; apparatus for transmitting electronic signals; apparatus for transmitting signals; applied electronic apparatus; circuit protectors; coded signalling apparatus; coded transmitting apparatus; coding apparatus; components, connectors and chips for electronic circuits for vehicles and trailers; computing apparatus; controllers and control units for vehicles and trailers; data carriers for electronic data processing; data carriers for use with data processing apparatus; data carrying instruments; data collection apparatus; data collection computer installations; data communications apparatus; data communications hardware; data communications installations; data communications instruments; data communications receivers; data processing devices; data processing input devices; data storage devices; data storage devices bearing data; digital data transmission apparatus; digital data transmitting apparatus; digital signal processing apparatus; displays and display panels for vehicles and trailers; electric access control apparatus; electric control apparatus; electric control apparatus for automobile electrical apparatus; electric control apparatus for automobile electrical equipment; electric signalling apparatus; electric wire harnesses for automobiles; electric wiring harnesses; electrical apparatus and instruments including electrical connectors; electrical breakaway kits; electrical devices for transmission of data; electrical harnesses; electrical signalling apparatus; electrical signalling instruments; electrical transmitters; electrical wiring harnesses; electronic apparatus and instruments including electronic brake controls; electronic brake controls for vehicles and trailers; electronic cables and cabling for vehicles and trailers; electronic circuits for vehicles and trailers; electronic coding apparatus; electronic lighting controllers for vehicles and trailers; electronic signalling apparatus for vehicles and trailers; electronic sway controls for trailers; electronic signal processing apparatus; electronic signal transmission apparatus; hand held receivers; installations for monitoring component functions of vehicles; installations for receiving information; installations for the electronic processing of data; interactive data transfer apparatus; mechanised coding apparatus; motor vehicle electric relays; portable transmitters; programmable electronic apparatus; remote data gathering apparatus; remote data processing apparatus; signal processing apparatus; signal transmission apparatus; signalling apparatus and instruments; terminals, terminal strips, connectors, plugs, sockets, pins, switches and adaptors all for vehicles and trailers; transmitting apparatus; vehicular communication apparatus; wireless communication apparatus; wireless receiving apparatus; wireless transmission apparatus; wiring harnesses, looms, connectors, tails, boards and plug-in electronic wiring solutions all for vehicles and trailers; and parts and accessories for all the foregoing goods
Class 12:
Automotive spare parts and accessories including roof racks, ski carriers, water craft carriers, ladder carriers, bicycle carriers, luggage carriers, and mountings for roof racks and roof bars; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; automotive apparatus; automotive electric lift platforms; automotive mats including floor mats, ute deck mats, and ute liners; automotive pressings being pressed metal components; automotive storage boxes; automotive towing equipment; automotive towing systems; bicycle carriers; bicycle carrier adapters; bicycle racks; bicycle trailers; bonnet guards; brackets for use on vehicles; brush bars; bull bars; cab protectors; camping trailers; canopies for trailers; cargo carriers for vehicles and trailers; cargo carrier nets; vehicle carrying system adapters and fittings; coupling devices; couplers being accessories for vehicles; cycle racks and mounts; electric lift platforms; fender flares; fifth wheel assemblies; fifth wheel hitch receivers and coupling devices; fuel covers; fuel carriers, namely, jerry can holders; hard-top ute covers; hitches; hitch bars; hitch balls; hitch ball covers; hitch boxes, bolts and angles; hood shields; horse trailers; hub caps; jockey wheels; kayak and canoe carriers; ladder carriers; license plate brackets; light guards; light surrounds; livestock trailers; load carrying trailers; luggage boxes; luggage carriers; luggage pods; mountings for roof racks; mountings for roof bars; nudge bars; pintle hooks; pole tongue adapters; rear protector bars; rear step tow bars; roof boxes; roof mounted sports equipment carriers for vehicles; roof racks; roof racks for vehicles; roof racks in the nature of load carriers for vehicles; roof rails and side view mirrors; running boards; safety chains, being tyre protection chains and anti-skid chains for vehicles (snow chains); scooter carriers; side rails; side steps; ski carriers; skid plate sump guards; spare wheel holders; sports tow bars; surfboard carriers; suspension apparatus for trailers; tail-light covers; tonneau covers; torsion hitch kits including receiver tubing, receiver tube covers, and hook-up brackets; tow balls; tow ball covers; tow ball mounts; tow ball spacers; tow ball drop plates; tow bars; tow bar accessories; tow bar assemblies; tow bars for trailers; tow bars for caravans; tow bar pull pins; tow bar attachments; tow hitches; tow hooks; tow mounts; towing apparatus for vehicles; towing bars; towing stabilisers; trailer axles; trailer brakes; trailer componentry; trailer hitch mounts and balls; trailer hitch receivers; trailer legs; trailer spare parts and accessories; trailer springs; trailer sway controls, trailers for towing boats; trailers for vehicles; truck bed covers; truck bed extenders; underbody protection plates; ute decks and hard lids (hard tonneau covers); vehicles; vehicle and trailer hitches; vehicle bed extenders; vehicle body cladding; vehicle canopies; vehicle side window vent shades and louvres; vehicle trailers; vehicle tube steps; vehicular transmission coolers and mounting brackets therefor; vibration dampers for trailer hitches; water craft carriers; parts and accessories for all the foregoing goods