Trademark: Birdland 2050248
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
15 November 2019
Registration Date
15 November 2019
Renewal Date
15 November 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 29:
Burgers (meat patties); Fried potatoes; Souffles (savoury); Salads containing poultry; Cold meats; Cooked pork meats; Food preparations consisting principally of meat; Game products (meat); Lamb (prepared meat); Meat; Meat preparations; Meat terrines; Vegetable burgers (vegetable patties); Pastry fillings of meat; Pie fillings of meat; Prepared meals, predominantly of meat or vegetables; Processed pork meats; Salads containing meat; Sausage meat; Smoked meats; Vegetable based meat substitutes; Bacon; Bacon flavoured snack products; Baked meat; Beef products; Boiled vegetables; Butter; Butter preparations; Buttercream; Buttermilk; Nut butter; Cooked meals consisting principally of poultry; Poultry fat; Prepared meals consisting principally of poultry; Fried chicken; Chips (french fries); Fish with chips; Frozen chips; Potato chips; Charcuterie; Cheese; Coconut fat; Coconut oil for food; Salads; Conserves; Cooked chicken; Consommes; Cooked shellfish; Cooked vegetables; Cornichons; Cream desserts; Crisps; Croquettes; Dairy produce; Desserts made wholly or principally of dairy products; Dashi cooking stock; Chicken (not live); Dried meats; Feathered game; Filled potato skins; Fish fillets; Fish eggs for human consumption; Fish cakes; Fish mousses; Fish products; Fish sausages; Fish, canned; Chicken products; Frozen fish; Frozen meat products; Frozen seafood products; Game (not live); Lamb products; Hot dog sausages; Ham products; Pickled gherkins; Mashed potato; Mixed pickles; Chicken stock; Mushroom puree; Mussels (not live); Foodstuffs consisting of poultry; Foodstuffs consisting of sausage meat; Fruit-based snack foods; Snack foods made from potatoes and wheat (potatoes predominating); Fresh poultry; Poultry products; Food products made from nuts; Savoury butters; Hamburgers (meat patties); Fruit desserts; Fruit filling for pastry; Cream dessert toppings; Non-alcoholic milk beverages (milk predominating); Preparations for creaming coffee; Sweet pickle (pickled fruit or vegetables); Sausage roll fillings; Lemon curd; Prepared desserts (fruit based); Mousse (savoury)
Class 30:
Burgers contained in bread rolls; Sandwiches containing meat; Flavourings made from poultry; Pies containing poultry; Corn chips; Rice chips; Vegetable flavoured corn chips; Cheeseburgers (sandwiches); Dressings for salad; Sandwiches containing fish fillet; Hot dogs; Chicken gravy; Food products for making tacos; Snack food products made from maize flour; Snack food products made from rice flour; Frozen fruit desserts; Ice cream desserts; Macaroons (pastry); Pastry; Pastry dough; Pastry products; Coffee; Sandwiches containing chicken; Coffee beans; Coffee beverages; Ice cream sandwiches; Sandwiches; Toasted sandwiches; Gravies; Pies; Pies containing fish; Pies containing game; Pork pies; Sauces for chicken; Vegetable pies; Rice salads; Food dressings (sauces); Tacos; Sauces (condiments); Horseradish; Tomato sauce; Mayonnaise; Sweet pickle (condiment); Pesto (sauce); Meat dumplings (cooked meat in a pastry envelope); Mustard; Bread rolls; Bread; Bread buns; Breadcrumbs; Filled bread rolls; Pitta bread; Toasted bread; Unfermented bread; Sausage rolls; Meat gravies; Pizza dough; Brioche; Savoury pastries; Pizza crusts; Chocolate pastries; Chocolate creams; Pastries containing creams; Pastries containing creams and fruit; Almond pastries; Prepared desserts (chocolate based); Meat pies; Prepared desserts (pastries); Mousse desserts; Meringue; Souffles (desserts); Pies containing vegetables; Fudge; Food mixes for making bakery products; Custard; Foodstuffs made from dough; Foodstuffs made of sugar for making a dessert; Pastries consisting of vegetables and meat; Snack bars containing a mixture of grains, nuts and dried fruit (confectionery); Pie crusts; Bagels; Spring rolls; Pies containing meat