Trademark: XYNAPSE 2041653
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
03 October 2019
Registration Date
03 October 2019
Renewal Date
03 October 2029

Clayton Utz

Goods and Services:
Class 36:
Financial, banking and insurance services; banking insurance; card accessed banking services; consultations relating to banking; financial banking; home banking; information services relating to banking; international banking; internet banking; investment banking; merchant banking; mortgage banking and brokerage; mortgage banking insurance; online banking; personal financial banking services; private banking; financing services; investment bank services; advisory services relating to finance; conducting of financial transactions; consultancy services relating to finance; credit (financing); finance leasing; financial advisory services; financial consultancy; financial credit services; financial leasing; financial lending; financial loan services; financial services; financing of home loans; financing of investments; financing of personal loans; financing of property development; hire-purchase financing; instalment credit financing; instalment loan financing; insurance premium financing services; lease purchase finance; lease-purchase financing; loan financing; mortgage financing; project financing; providing financial information via a web site; provision of commercial finance; provision of equipment finance; provision of trade finance; raising of finance; real estate financing; venture capital financing; advice relating to insurance; appraisals for insurance purposes; arranging of insurance; brokerage of insurance; credit account insurance brokerage; credit insurance underwriting; insurance; insurance consultancy; capital fund investment; capital fund management; capital investment; management of capital investment funds; provision of investment capital; raising of capital; money lending; money transfer services; equity financing; equity release services