Trademark: Resilient Australia Alliance 2040686
Resilient Australia Alliance
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
30 September 2019
Registration Date
30 September 2019
Renewal Date
30 September 2029

Wazo Solutions Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
apparatus for filing information; apparatus for gathering information; electromagnetic apparatus for the communication of information; apparatus for the conversion of data; apparatus for the conversion of information; apparatus for the processing of data; apparatus for the processing of digital information; apparatus for the storage of data; apparatus for the storage of pictorial data; apparatus for the storage of textual data; apparatus for the transmission of documents; apparatus for use in communications between computers; application software; automatic emergency reporting devices; communications processing computer software; communications processors; communications systems; computer apparatus for processing data; computer apparatus for the storage of data; computer databases; computer installations for the communication of data; computer installations for the processing of data; computer installations for the storage of data; computer networks for the communication of data; computer networks for the processing of data; computer networks for the storage of data; computer programs (downloadable software); computer programs for commercial transactions; computer programs for data processing; computer programs for processing data; computer programs for processing information; computer programs for producing computer graphics; computer programs for project management; computer programs for promotional purposes; computer programs for providing a graphical presentation of data; computer programs for the management of sales; computer programs for use as searching directories; computer programs for use in communications; computer programs for use in database management; computer programs for use in developing computer programs; computer programs in the field of communication links; computer programs relating to the training of personnel; computer software; computer software (programs); computer software programs; computer software designed to estimate resource requirements; computer software for analysing market information; computer software for business purposes; computer software for processing market information; computer software packages; computer software programs for database management; computer software programs for spreadsheet management; data communications software; data processing apparatus; data processing apparatus for use with computers; data processing materials; data processing programs; data processing programmes for the production of newspapers; data processing programmes for the production of periodicals; data processing programmes; data processing software; data processing software for graphic representations; data processing software for word processing; data processors for business data; data programmes; data stored for access by computer programs; database programs; databases; databases (electronic publications); education software; interactive education software; electronic data collection apparatus; electronic data communications apparatus; electronic data communications installations; in-house communication apparatus; instructional materials for computer programs; integrated software packages; interactive computer software; magazines downloaded via the internet; newspapers downloaded via the internet; programs for computers; programs for data-processing; programs for use in communications; programs for use with data processors; simulation software for use in digital computers; synchronous data communications apparatus; telecommunications networks; communications networks; training apparatus (teaching apparatus for teaching people); training guides in electronic format; training manuals in electronic format; training guides in the form of a computer program; training manuals in the form of a computer program; transmitters for use in emergency communications; transmitters for use in security; weekly publications (electronic)
Class 16:
booklets for use in conducting seminars; booklets for use in conducting training workshops; instruction booklets; computer software operating manuals; data flow plans; directories (printed matter); documentation (printed matter); documentation for commercial purposes; documentation for computer programs; documentation for use in the development of computer software programs; documents; documents generated by computer programmes; educational materials in printed form; educational materials in written form; flow charts; flow charts being computer program documentation; flow charts for computer programs; handbooks (manuals); instruction manuals (handbooks); manuals (handbooks); information manuals; instruction books; instruction books sold with computer software; instruction manuals relating to computer software; instruction manuals relating to training seminars; instruction manuals sold with computer software; instructional material; manuals (printed matter); manuals for business training courses; manuals for computer programs; manuals for computer programs (sold with the programme); manuals for computer software; manuals for computer software (sold with the software); manuals for instructional purposes; manuals for use with computer programmes; manuals for use with software; manuals relating to computer programmes; materials bearing computer programmes in printed form; materials bearing data in printed form for use with computers; materials bearing information in printed form for use with computers; materials for instructing (printed matter); news sheets; newsletters; newsletters (printed matter); newsletters relating to risk management; newspapers; newspapers relating to business; personal information sheets for emergency use; posters being publicity material; printed advertisements; printed advertising material; printed course materials; printed documents; printed instruction leaflets; printed materials for advertising purposes; printed materials for audiovisual presentation; printed materials on the subjects of computer programs; printed materials relating to computer programs; printed matter for advertising purposes; printed matter for educational purposes; printed matter for instructional purposes; printed matter for security purposes; printed matter relating to instruction programs; printed programmes; printed publications; printed publications for advertising businesses; printed publications for institutions of higher education; printed reports; printed training guides; program documentation (printed matter); program documentation flow charts; program documentation in the form of flow charts; program documentation in the form of printed matter; programme guides (manuals); programme guides (printed matter); promotional pamphlets; promotional publications; publications containing program descriptions; publications relating to data processing; publicity leaflets (flyers); questionnaires (printed matter); record sheets for use in business systems; reference handbooks; reference manuals; reports (printed matter); scorecards; scorecards being printed matter; supplements (printed matter); teaching manuals; teaching materials (except apparatus); teaching materials for education; teaching materials for information; teaching materials for instruction; technical instruction manuals; technical manuals; user guides in the form of printed matter; user manuals (in the form of printed matter); user manuals (printed matter) for computers; user manuals (printed matter) for use with computer programs; users' guides (printed matter)
Class 35:
advice relating to business management; advice relating to business organisation; business advice relating to marketing; advisory services relating to business management; advisory services for business management; advisory services relating to business planning; advisory services relating to business risk management; advisory services relating to commercial planning; advisory services relating to corporate identity; advocacy (promoting, publicising or otherwise representing the interests or concerns of others); arranging business introductions; arranging business shows; arranging exhibitions for business purposes; arranging exhibitions for commercial purposes; arranging newspaper subscriptions (for others); arranging of trade shows; association services being the promotion of the interests of members of the association; association services being the provision of business support or advice; benchmarking (evaluation of business organisation practices for business management purposes); business administration advisory services; business administration consultancy; business advice; business advisory services; business advisory services relating to product development; business advisory services relating to the management of businesses; business analysis services; business assistance relating to corporate identity; business consultancy; business consultancy services relating to management of fund raising campaigns; business consultancy services relating to marketing; business consultancy services relating to the marketing of fund raising campaigns; business consultancy services relating to the promotion of fund raising campaigns; business consulting services relating to logistics; business counselling; business efficiency expert services; business evaluation services; business expertise services; business management advice; business management advisory services; business organisation consulting; business planning consultancy; business strategic planning; business strategy services; charitable services, namely business management and administration; charitable services, namely organising and conducting volunteer programmes and community service projects; charitable services, namely the recruitment, organisation and deployment of volunteers; collecting business information; collecting business statistics; collection of data; collection of information relating to market analysis; collection of information relating to market research; collection of market research information; collection of personnel information; collection of statistics for business; commercial business management; computerised database management; conducting exhibitions for business purposes; conducting of business appraisals; consultancy regarding public relations communications strategies; consultancy relating to business efficiency; consultancy relating to business organisation; consultancy relating to business planning; consultancy relating to public relations; data base management; dissemination of business information; efficiency or process auditing (examining, reviewing or assessing the working of a business or organization); evaluation of business opportunities; information services relating to businesses; management advisory services for businesses; management assistance in business affairs; management consultations relating to business; management of business projects (for others); market intelligence services; preparation of business reports; preparation of documents relating to business; preparation of publicity documents; preparation of publicity material; preparation of reports for marketing; production of video recordings for publicity purposes; professional business consultancy; project studies for businesses; providing business information via a web site; provision of business data; provision of business information; provision of business management information; provision of information in relation to business management; provision of information relating to business; public relations; publicity; registration of written communications and data; registry services (administration services being recording and maintaining lists and information for others); research of business information; research services relating to business; risk management consultancy (business); strategic business consultancy; strategic business planning; writing of business project reports; writing of business reports
Class 38:
advisory services relating to communications; advisory services relating to telecommunications; telecommunications advisory services; broadcast of information by means of television; broadcast of radio programmes; broadcast of television programmes; broadcasting of cable television programmes; broadcasting of programmes by radio; broadcasting of programmes by satellite; broadcasting of programmes by television; broadcasting or transmission of recorded messages and information; charitable services, namely telecommunications; chat room services (telecommunications services); communication between computers; communication by computer; communication by electronic mail systems; communication by electronic means; communication by radio; communication network consultancy; communication of data by means of telecommunications; communication of information by computer; communication of information by electronic means; communication of information by satellite; communication of information by television; communication services between computers; communication services between data banks; communications by telephone; communications consultancy; communications services for accessing a data-base; communications services for the exchange of data in electronic form; computer aided transmission of messages and images; computer bulletin boards; computer communication services; computer communications for the transmission of information; computer data transmission services; computerised data communications; consultancy services relating to communications; consultancy services relating to data communications; data communication by electronic means; data communication services; electronic bulletin board services (telecommunications services); electronic communication services; electronic communication services for the transmission of data; electronic communications consultancy; electronic communications services for the transmission of data; electronic transmission of information; electronic transmission of messages; information services relating to electronic communication networks; message boards; netcasting (broadcasting over a global computer network); news agencies; news broadcasting; planning relating to communications; podcasting services; point of sale communication services; preparation of reports relating to communications; providing internet chatrooms; providing online forums; providing user access to a global computer network and online sites containing information on a wide range of topics; providing user access to global computer networks; provision of communications between computers; provision of communications information; provision of information relating to communications; radio broadcasting; radio communication network services; radio communications; radio information services; relaying of messages (electronic); rental of communications channels; sending (transmission) of news; sending of emergency messages (by electronic means); sending of messages (by electronic means); subscription television broadcasting; telecommunications; telecommunications consultancy; television broadcasting; transmission of computerised data; transmission of data by computer; transmission of data by electronic means; transmission of electronic mail; transmission of information by computer; transmission of information by electronic means; transmission of information by radio; transmission of information by telephone; transmission of information on a wide range of topics, including online and over a global computer network; transmission of messages by computer; transmission of radio programmes; transmission of television programmes; video communication services; video conference services (telecommunications services); videoconferencing services; voip (voice over internet protocol) services; web portal services (providing user access to a global computer network); webcasting (broadcasting over a global computer network); webcasting a television programme via the internet
Class 41:
arranging of conferences; arranging of conventions; arranging of courses of instruction; arranging of exhibitions for cultural purposes; arranging of exhibitions for educational purposes; arranging of exhibitions for training purposes; arranging of festivals; arranging of lectures; arranging of seminars; business educational services; business training consultancy services; business training services; conducting of business conferences; charitable services, namely academic mentoring; coaching (training); commercial training services; conducting instructional courses; conducting of conventions; conducting of educational conferences; conducting of educational courses; conducting of instructional seminars; conducting seminars; conducting training seminars; conducting workshops (training); consultancy services relating to education; consultancy services relating to training; cultural activities; cultural information; design of educational courses, examinations and qualifications; dissemination of educational material; educational instruction; educational research; educational seminars; educational services; education information; education services; event management services in relation to the organisation of educational, entertainment, sporting or cultural events; film production, other than advertising films; information services relating to education; information services relating to entertainment; management of cultural events; management of education services; management of educational events; mentoring (education and training); mentoring (training); news and current affairs programmes; news program services; online (electronic) publication of news; organisation and conducting of dance, music and other entertainment festivals; organisation of ceremonial events; organisation of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; organisation of festivals; organisation of recreational activities; organisation of seminars; organisation of symposia; organisation of training courses; organising charitable fundraising events being the provision of entertainment, sporting and cultural services; organising events for cultural purposes; organising of entertainment; organising of entertainment and social events; personal development courses; personal development training; photographic library services; production of audio and/or video recordings, other than advertising; production of films, other than advertising films; production of news and current affairs programmes; production of radio and television programmes; production of radio programmes; production of sound recordings, other than advertising; production of webcasts, other than advertising; providing courses of training; providing information, including online, about education, training, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities; providing online electronic publications (not downloadable); providing online videos, not downloadable; provision of courses of instruction; provision of education courses; provision of education services via an online forum; provision of educational courses; provision of educational information; provision of training; provision of training courses; provision of training facilities; publication of educational materials; publication of electronic books and journals online; publication of journals; publication of magazines; publication of manuals; publishing by electronic means; publishing of documents; publishing of maps; publishing of newsletters; publishing of newspapers; publishing of printed matter; publishing of stories; training consultancy; training services provided via simulators; weblog (blog) services (online publication of journals or diaries); writing for others (commissioned and custom writing); conducting of exhibitions for educational purposes
Class 42:
benchmarking (technical testing); calibration (measuring); calibration services; computer disaster recovery services; computer software design; computer software development; computerised business information storage; computerised data storage services; database design; data storage (other than physical storage); design of communication systems; design of feasibility studies; design of printed material; design of printed matter; design services; development of computer programmes; development of computer software; development of software; development of systems for the processing of data; development of systems for the storage of data; disaster recovery services for data communications systems; electronic data storage; environmental sustainability consultancy services; evaluation of performance against bench-mark references; layout design of books and magazines; measurement services; preparation of reports relating to computer programs; preparation of reports relating to scientific research; preparation of reports relating to technical research; preparation of technical manuals; provision of information relating to environmental sustainability; provision of surveys (scientific); provision of surveys (technical); rental of computer software; rental of data processing systems; rental of information processing apparatus; rental of measuring apparatus; rental of research facilities; research and development of new products for others; research and development of products; research relating to security; software development in the framework of software publishing; technical writing; telecommunications technology consultancy; updating of computer programs; updating of computer software; writing of computer programs; writing of computer software; advisory services relating to energy efficiency; advisory services relating to environmental protection