Trademark: J-BELE 2039562
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
25 September 2019
Registration Date
25 September 2019
Renewal Date
25 September 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 5:
Dietary nutritional supplements; Dietetic foods for use in clinical nutrition; Lactose (nutritional supplement); Maltodextrins (nutritional supplements); Medicated nutritional additives for animal foodstuffs; Medicated nutritional creams; Milk calcium concentrate (nutritional supplement); Milk powder for nutritional purposes for babies; Milk sugar (nutritional supplement); Mineral preparations for use as nutritional additives to foodstuffs for animals; Mineral preparations for use as nutritional additives to foodstuffs for humans; Nutritional additives to animal feed; Nutritional additives to fodder; Nutritional animal feed supplements; Nutritional drinks being dietary food supplements; Nutritional drinks for dietary purposes; Nutritional drinks for medical purposes; Nutritional feed supplements for animals; Nutritional meal replacement powders; Nutritional meal replacements; Nutritional preparations for medical use; Nutritional products for medical use for intravenous infusion; Nutritional solutions for medical use for intravenous administration; Nutritional supplement energy bars; Nutritional supplement protein bars; Nutritional supplements; Nutritional supplements for animal feed; Nutritional supplements for animals; Nutritional supplements for medical use; Parenteral nutrition solutions for medical use; Royal jelly (nutritional supplement); Nutriments; Nutriments for babies; Nutritive agents for processing living cells (for medical use); Nutritive substances for microorganisms
Class 35:
Addressing envelopes; Administering elections; Administration of business affairs; Administration of businesses; Administration of consumer loyalty programs; Administration of oil and gas leases; Administration of the business affairs of franchises; Administration relating to business appraisal; Administration relating to business planning; Administration relating to marketing; Administration relating to sales methods; Administrative assistance in responding to requests for proposals (RFPs); Administrative processing of purchase orders; Advertisement hoarding rental; Advertising; Advertising agencies; Advertising agency services; Advertising analysis; Advertising by mail order; Advertising services provided by television; Advertising services provided over the internet; Advertising services provided via a data base; Advisory services relating to advertising; Advisory services relating to customer service; Advocacy (promoting, publicising or otherwise representing the interests or concerns of others); Association services being the provision of business support or advice; Billboard advertising; Business administration; Business administration advisory services; Business administration consultancy; Business advertising services relating to franchising; Business advice relating to advertising; Business advice relating to marketing; Business advisory services relating to the management of businesses; Business franchising services (group purchasing, group advertising); Business management and administration services supporting utilisation of a global computer network; Classified advertising; Collection of information relating to advertising; Commercial administration; Commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; Commercial information and advice for consumers in the choice of products and services; Compiling indexes of information for commercial or advertising purposes; Consultancy regarding advertising communications strategies; Consultancy relating to advertising; Data management advice; Demonstration of goods for advertising purposes; Design of advertising materials; Direct mail advertising; Direct market advertising; Direct-mail advertising; Dissemination of advertising material; Dissemination of advertising matter; Distribution of advertising material; Electronic advertising services; Employment advertising services; Hire of advertising aids; Hire of advertising billboards; Hire of advertising equipment; Hire of advertising materials; Hiring of advertising materials; Information services relating to advertising; Layout services for advertising purposes; Local government council management and administration; Marketing management advice; Office administration services (for others); Online advertising on a computer network; Organisation and administration services in relation to the supply of benefits for customer loyalty and frequent buyer or frequent flyer schemes; Organisation of housing and real estate displays and exhibitions for promotion or advertising purposes; Organisation of trade expositions or shows for commercial or advertising purposes; Organisation of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; Organising of prize draws for advertising purposes; Outdoor advertising; Outdoor advertising services; Placing of advertisements; Planning services for advertising; Preparation of advertisements; Preparation of advertising material; Production of advertising material; Promotion (advertising) of business; Promotion (advertising) of concerts; Promotion (advertising) of travel; Promotional advertising services; Providing information, including online, about advertising, business management and administration and office functions; Provision of administrative staff; Provision of advertising information; Provision of advertising space; Provision of advice relating to marketing; Provision of business advice relating to franchising; Provision of information in relation to business administration; Provision of information relating to advertising; Recruitment advertising; Rental of advertising apparatus; Rental of advertising materials; Rental of advertising matter; Rental of advertising space; Rental of advertising space on the internet; Rental of advertising time on communication media; Web indexing for commercial or advertising purposes; Writing advertising copy