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26 August 2019
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26 August 2019
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26 August 2029

Dennemeyer & Associates

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Class 9:
Computer software; computer hardware and software systems for telecommunications, teleconferencing and video conferencing, communicating audio, video and data between computers via a global computer network, wide-area computer networks, and peer-to-peer computer networks manipulating and controlling images from web cameras and digital cameras; computer hardware; computer hardware and computer software programs for the integration of text, audio, graphics, still images and moving pictures into an interactive delivery for multimedia applications; computer software for transmitting, receiving, processing, reading and watching, and controlling applications, electronic data, images, audio and video files; computer software for reproducing, processing and streaming audio, video and multimedia content and for audio calling, video calling and remote collaborating; computer software for controlling the operation of audio and video apparatus and for viewing, searching and/or reading sound, video, television, films, photographs and other digital images and other multimedia content; computer software for multimedia sharing, media-share computer software for computers; communications and telecommunications software; Internet Protocol phone software; computer software for the management of audio and video communications equipment; computer software for the connection and co-ordination of multiple communications devices; computer software for use in the operation and management of telecommunications contact centres; computer software for access to cloud-based computing and cloud-based computer resources; computer software for the management of background noise; noise cancellation software; echo cancellation software; computer software for the control of sound levels; audio files reproducing background noise; electronic whiteboards; video cameras; web cameras; audio speakers, wireless speakers; headphones; headsets; earbuds, microphones; wireless headsets; audio-conferencing equipment; video-conferencing equipment; video-conferencing cameras, speakerphones, computer monitors, televisions; computer peripheral devices; docking stations and adapters for charging mobile devices and batteries, connecting telecommunications devices, mobile devices, display devices, computers, mice and keyboards; apparatus for the transmission or reproduction of sound or images; microphones; wireless microphones; noise cancellation equipment; echo cancellation equipment; speakerphones; electronic sound generation and sound masking equipment, masking noise generators, electronic control units for masking and controlling sound; wireless audio and video data transmission equipment; computer software featuring algorithms for use with sound generation and sound masking equipment; visual display screens; electronic visual display screens for use with sound generation and sound masking equipment; remote controls, battery packs, electric and electronic cables, and instruction manuals for the aforementioned goods; computer peripherals; USB connectable computer peripherals; telephones; mobile phones; teleconferencing phones; Voiceover IP (VoIP) telephones