Trademark: MI FLEET IQ 2027917
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
13 August 2019

Madderns Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Telematic apparatus; Telematic terminal apparatus; On-board computers for vehicles; Electrical apparatus for fitting to vehicles to display visual information; Communication devices; Communication apparatus; Communication software; Vehicular communication apparatus; Electrical communications apparatus adapted for use on vehicles; Computer communication apparatus; Electronic communication apparatus; Electronic communication instruments; Electronic telephone data communications apparatus; Computer programs for use in communications; Computer programs for use in telecommunications; Computer related data communication apparatus; Computer related voice communication apparatus; Apparatus for data communications between computers; Apparatus for the communication of data; Apparatus for use in audio-visual communication; Apparatus for use in communications between computers; Apparatus for use in digital communication transmission; Apparatus for automatically placing messages via telecommunications equipment; Apparatus for telephone communication; Telecommunications apparatus; Telecommunications devices; Telecommunications equipment; Telecommunications instruments; Electrical instruments for telecommunications purposes; Apparatus for displaying images; Apparatus for displaying information; Apparatus for the graphic display of data; Data display apparatus; Data display instruments; Electrical displays; Information display apparatus (luminous); Audio apparatus for vehicles; Audio products for use in vehicles; Apparatus for navigation; Electronic navigation apparatus; Electronic navigation instruments; Navigation computers for cars; Vehicle guide apparatus; Vehicle location instruments; Apparatus for mounting in vehicles for displaying information for route planning; Road map display apparatus for assisting in the navigation of a vehicle; Apparatus for localisation for vehicles via radio-electrical transmission; Apparatus for localisation for vehicles via satellites; Apparatus for displaying the path followed by a vehicle; Apparatus for displaying the position of vehicles; Apparatus for mounting in vehicles for displaying traffic information; Rearview cameras for vehicles; Sensors (measurement apparatus), other than for medical use; Remotely controlled cameras and other remotely controlled sensors; Wireless communication apparatus; Wireless transmission apparatus; Electronic remote control units (other than remote controls for toys); Computer software; Computer software for accounting systems; Application software