Trademark: SNAP MAP 2027907
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
05 August 2019

Spruson & Ferguson

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Peripherals; computer hardware, peripherals and software for remotely accessing, capturing, transmitting and displaying pictures, video, audio and data; software for setting up, configuring, and controlling wearable computer hardware and peripherals; computer software for taking, capturing, managing, processing, operating, viewing, storing, editing, arranging, combining, sharing, manipulating, modifying, commenting on, transmitting and displaying spherical and panoramic photo and video content; custom integrated platform solutions; computer software and software applications for use in uploading, downloading, capturing, editing, storing, accessing, posting, displaying, tagging, distributing, streaming, linking, sharing, transmitting or otherwise providing photos, videos, images, text, electronic media, photographic and video content, digital data, or information via the internet, communication networks, mobile phones and mobile devices; software for viewing, editing, enhancing, and modifying digital photos, videos, and images; computer software which allows users to build and manage social network information including address books, friend lists, profiles, preferences and personal data; downloadable multimedia files containing digital photos, video, audio, and other digital data; downloadable computer software application which allows users to create avatars, graphic icons, symbols, graphical depictions of people, places and things, fanciful designs, comics and phrases that can be posted, shared and transmitted via multi-media messaging (MMS), text messaging (SMS), email, online chatrooms, the internet, and other communication networks; computer software application for creating digital animation, video games, television shows and movies with user created avatars, graphic icons, symbols, graphical depictions of people, places and things, fanciful designs, comics, and phrases; computer software development tools for social networking, building social networking applications and for allowing data retrieval, upload, access and management; video and electronic game software; computer application software for processing electronic payments and transferring funds to and from others; computer software, namely, an electronic financial platform that accommodates both payment and receipt of payment transactions in an integrated mobile phone, mobile device, and web based environment; computer software for generating computer generated codes and quick response codes; computer authentication software for controlling access to and communications with computers and computer networks.; computer software for the collection, editing, organizing, modifying, transmission, storage and sharing of pictures, video, audio, data and information based on location or proximity to places; computer software to enable uploading, downloading, accessing, posting, displaying, tagging, streaming, linking, sharing or otherwise providing electronic media or information based on location or proximity to places via computer and communication networks; none being trackballs (computer peripherals)
Class 41:
Publishing services, namely, publishing of electronic publications for others; electronic publishing services, namely, publishing online works of others featuring user-created photographs, images, videos, text and graphics; creation, development, production and distribution of entertainment content, namely, multimedia content, photographs, animations, videos, artwork, text, graphics, images, and news; providing information and online databases via the internet in the fields of entertainment and music; providing online non-downloadable multimedia entertainment content in the form of avatars, graphic icons, symbols, fanciful designs, comics, phrases, and graphical depictions of people, places and things; providing non-downloadable online music; providing a website featuring non-downloadable musical sound recordings, musical performances, musical videos, photographs, newsletters, books, magazines, electronic games, videos and other non-downloadable multimedia content; contest and incentive award programs designed to recognize, reward and encourage individuals and groups which engage in self-improvement, self-fulfillment, charitable, philanthropic, volunteer, public and community service and humanitarian activities and sharing of creative work product; arranging contests; film and video production; multimedia entertainment services in the nature of recording, production, post-production and distribution services in the fields of television, film and multimedia entertainment; producing and arranging live concerts, social entertainment events, live nightclub performances and other live show performances; providing web-based information in the nature of ticket information for entertainment, educational, sporting and cultural events; providing online information regarding television programming, entertainment, sports and cultural activities; electronic publishing services, namely, publishing of online works of others featuring user-created text, audio, video, and graphics based on location or proximity to places; providing online audio-visual entertainment information based on location or proximity to places via a global computer network; providing information via a global computer network in the field of entertainment; photosharing and video sharing services