Trademark: JPH GROUP 2019359
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
08 July 2019
Registration Date
08 July 2019
Renewal Date
08 July 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 36:
computerised financial services; financial services; financial investment management services; financial investment advisory services; financial information services; financial advisory services; financial investment research services; personal financial planning services; financial management advisory services; financial economic advisory services; financial market information services; financial consultation services; taxation financial planning services; personal financial planning advisory services; financial advisory services for companies; tax services (financial); taxation financial consultancy services; business liquidation services (financial); financial valuation services; financial intermediary services; financial investment fund services; advisory services relating to financial investment; financial strategy consultancy services; financial loan services; financial savings services; financial grant services; financial assistance; financial guarantee services; financial advisory services for individuals; corporate finance services; financial investigation services; financial advisory services relating to tax; investment business services; financial management; financial guarantee assessment services; financial advisory services relating to taxation; advisory services relating to financial planning; personal finance services; financial business appraisals; advisory services relating to investment finance; financial customs brokerage services; advisory services relating to (financial) risk management; personal banking services; financial information; consultancy services relating to personal finance; debt advisory services; computerised banking services; financial trust management; financial advisory services relating to retirement plans; financial fund management; consultancy services relating to finance; insurance management services; financial evaluation (insurance, banking, real estate); financial asset management; investment bank services; financial consultancy; management of financial assets; brokerage services relating to financial instruments; investment portfolio management services; consultancy services relating to investment; estate planning services (arranging financial affairs); financial investment; arranging finance for construction projects; finance leasing; loans (financing); project financing; project finance; financial banking; management of finances; investment banking; tax consultancy (financial); mortgage investment management; financial lending; trade finance services; raising of finance; mortgage banking insurance; credit (financing); mortgage banking; banking insurance; equity financing; mortgage banking and brokerage; loan financing; lease purchase finance; tax consultations (financial); income tax financial advice; tax advice (financial); provision of tax advice (financial); tax financial planning; financial advice relating to taxation; tax returns financial consultancy; provision of trade finance; provision of finance; provision of investment capital; Advice on finance for retirement; Advisory services relating to investment finance; Arranging finance for construction projects; Consultancy services relating to finance; Corporate finance services; Personal finance services
Class 45:
legal advice; administration of legal estates; registration services (legal); monitoring intellectual property rights for legal advisory purposes; legal information services; legal aid services; provision of legal research; provision of legal information; personal legal services; legal administration of licences; legal mediation services; legal investigation services; legal advocacy services; legal services; legal lobbying services; legal research; legal support services; certification of legal documents; legal consultancy services; provision of legal services; professional legal consultations relating to franchising; personal advice services relating to matrimonial matters (non-legal); litigation advice; legal enquiry services; legal document preparation services; association services (providing legal representation or legal advice to members of the association); legal information research services; legal advisory services relating to trade marks; administration services (legal) for businesses; information services relating to legal matters; advisory services relating to the law; legal services relating to wills; provision of information relating to legal services; litigation services; judicial advocacy services; legal advice in responding to requests for proposals (rfps); patent attorney services; professional advisory services relating to licensing of trade marks; providing information, including online, about legal services; professional advisory services relating to infringement of industrial property; provision of judicial information; prosecution of applications for intellectual property rights; legal services in relation to the negotiation of contracts for others; legal services relating to the negotiation of contracts (for others)