Trademark: SIMPLE. HOME 2010947
Trademark Type
Fancy, Figurative
Published: Under examination
Application Date
22 May 2019

Davies Collison Cave Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; electrical apparatus, instruments and devices and associated products and information and operational manuals; computer programs and software including hardware, programs and software relating to electricity systems including their management and regulation; home automation; computer control device for digital electronic door lock; computer software; wireless routers; electric actuators; computer software applications, downloadable; communication networks; home network devices; universal serial bus (USB) hardware; USB (universal serial bus) operating software; USB hubs; pre-recorded USB flash drives featuring software used to allow electronic devices to share data and communicate with each other; computer hardware, namely, network controllers for home use; home automation software for developers and customers; mobile application software for home automation; electrical socket; electric outlets; computer network hubs; communication hubs; electronic thermometers (other than for medical purposes); electronic switches; electric door bells; audio speakers; electrical controls for irrigation sprinkler systems; alarm devices; alarm control apparatus; apparatus for connecting electronics; apparatus for controlling lighting; apparatus for controlling input of data; apparatus for controlling the supply of electrical current; automated control panels; automatic access control apparatus; automatic access control systems; automatic access security apparatus; automatic time switches; computer control apparatus; computer control devices; computer controls; computer controls for lighting apparatus; computer controls for lighting instruments; digital controllers for home automation; fire detection equipment, fire extinguishing apparatus and fire alarm systems included in this class; application software for the control of lighting systems; light emitting diodes (LED); light emitting diodes (LED) with plugs; electric or electronic apparatus and instruments for processing, storing, transmitting, broadcasting, receiving data regarding the automation and management of the home and home equipment; interfaces for home automation applications; electric or electronic apparatus for remote control of home automation systems for the equipment in the home and/or buildings, in particular via the Internet communication network, telecommunication networks, including mobile telephones, for the installation, configuration, control, management, monitoring, in particular from a computer or a mobile telephone, of home automation features and applications and/or shutter drives, blinds, window openers, locks, doors, gates and other access systems, lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, the control and, management of security systems, access control, monitoring, alarm, fire detection, apparatus for measuring the quality of air, electric standby managers (electronic apparatus for controlling the energy consumption of electrical apparatus) and/or for the consumption of gas, electricity, heat, or other types of energy, automatic watering, water consumption apparatus,; software enabling the tuning, automation and control of these electric, electronic and/or computer applications; servers for home automation applications enabling the reception and transmission of remote control orders as well as the operation of data storage; modems for home automation systems; connectors to a computer or home automation network; telecommunication terminals for the management and automation of the home and home equipment; computer and communication transmitter and receiver apparatus for home automation; electronic docking stations and digital electronic tablets for the automation and management of the home and home equipment; digital terminals for tertiary and residential buildings; digital terminals for tertiary and residential buildings for the purposes of transmission, reception and decoding; electronic handheld devices for the wireless receipt and/or transmission of data for the remote management and automation of the home and home equipment; pamphlets, instruction manuals and handbooks, on electronic media concerning home automation; cards for controlling access, identity and identification, magnetic or encoded; presence sensors, wind sensors, interior light sensors, sunshine sensors, temperature sensors, rain sensors, snow sensors for electrical equipment for controlling lighting or alarms or blinds or shutters or heating; smoke detectors; detectors; video telephones; thermostats; video surveillance cameras; electric sockets; electrical plugs and sockets; sirens; electronic identification apparatus using biometric identification technology; apparatus for biometric, visual and voice recognition of people; batteries, electric batteries, rechargeable batteries; luminous beacons for safety or warning; luminous signals (signs); electric or electronic apparatus and installations for security and access control; dongles; electric and electronic apparatus and instruments for controlling; encoded, coin-operated magnetic cards, for controlling access, identity and identification; electric or electronic locks; remote-controlled electric locks; remote-controlled electric sockets; parts and accessories for all of the foregoing