Trademark: NRI 2010381
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
03 June 2019

Terry Trade Mark Attorneys

Goods and Services:
Class 36:
Accident insurance; Advice relating to insurance; Appraisals for insurance purposes; Brokerage of insurance; Business insurance underwriting; Commodities insurance; Endowment insurance services; Extended guarantee insurance; Extended warranty insurance; Financial evaluation (insurance, banking, real estate); Fire insurance; Guarantee insurance services; Health insurance underwriting; Home contents insurance; Insurance; Insurance agency services; Insurance arranging services; Insurance brokerage; Insurance claim assessments; Insurance claim settlements; Insurance claims adjustment services; Insurance consultancy; Insurance for businesses; Insurance for legal expenses; Insurance for offices; Insurance for third party liability; Insurance loss assessment; Insurance of anti-theft systems; Insurance of buildings; Insurance of communications apparatus; Insurance of goods while in transit; Insurance premium financing services; Insurance relating to property; Insurance risk management; Insurance services; Insurance services for mobile telephones; Insurance services for the protection of mortgages; Insurance services relating to aviation; Insurance services relating to boats; Insurance services relating to credit; Insurance services relating to goods; Insurance services relating to legal costs; Insurance services relating to pension funds; Insurance services relating to real estate; Insurance services relating to sport; Insurance services relating to travel; Insurance services relating to vehicles; Insurance underwriting; Life insurance; Marine insurance; Medical insurance; Mortgage banking insurance; Mortgage insurance; Motor insurance; Motor vehicle insurance services; Personal insurance services; Private health insurance; Providing information, including online, about insurance, financial and monetary affairs and real estate affairs; Provision of equipment guarantee insurance; Real estate insurance services; Service insurance contracts; Ship insurance agency; Vehicle insurance services; Warranty insurance services; Advisory services relating to finance; Arranging finance for construction projects; Consultancy services relating to finance; Corporate finance services; Export finance services; Finance leasing; Lease purchase finance; Management of finances; Personal finance services; Provision of commercial finance; Provision of equipment finance; Provision of finance; Provision of lease-purchase finance facilities; Provision of trade finance; Raising of finance; Trade finance services; Discount card services (financial services); Estimates for financial purposes; Financial affairs; Financial analysis; Financial appraisals; Financial assessments; Financial assistance; Financial credit services; Financial evaluations; Financial investment; Financial leasing; Financial loan services; Financial management; Financial services; Financial sponsorship of education, training, entertainment, sporting or cultural activities; Financial transaction services; Financial underwriting; Financial valuations; Management of financial assets; Personal financial planning services