Trademark: LLAPAL 2006598
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
02 May 2019
Registration Date
02 May 2019
Renewal Date
02 May 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Body creams (cosmetics); Cellulose wipes for cosmetic purposes; Cleaning oils for cosmetic purposes; Collagen preparations for cosmetic purposes; Cosmetic acne cleansers; Cosmetic acne creams; Cosmetic bath products; Cosmetic creams; Cosmetic creams for firming the skin; Cosmetic creams for toning the skin; Cosmetic creams for wrinkles; Cosmetic face powders; Cosmetic goods for care of the skin; Cosmetic masks; Cosmetic milks; Cosmetic moisturisers; Cosmetic oils; Cosmetic powder; Cosmetic preparations; Cosmetic preparations for skin care; Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes; Cosmetic preparations for use on the face; Cosmetic preparations for use on the skin; Cosmetic products for skin care; Cosmetic skin care products; Cosmetics for protecting the skin from sunburn; Cosmetics for the treatment of dry skin; Cosmetics for the use on the hair; Cosmetics for use on the skin; Cosmetics in the form of creams; Cosmetics in the form of milks; Cosmetics in the form of oils; Cosmetics in the form of powders; Cosmetics in the form of rouge; Cosmetics to remove pigmentation marks; Essential oils for cosmetic purposes; Essential oils for use in cosmetics; Facial care products (cosmetic); Facial creams (cosmetic); Facial masks (cosmetic); Facial moisturisers (cosmetic); Facial packs (cosmetic); Facial packs for cosmetic purposes; Facial preparations (cosmetic); Facial washes (cosmetic); Lotions for cosmetic purposes; Masks for the face (cosmetic); Mineral oils (cosmetic); Mineral water sprays for cosmetic purposes; Moisturisers (cosmetics); Moisturising body lotion (cosmetic); Moisturising creams (cosmetic); Moisturising gels (cosmetic); Moisturising lotions (cosmetic); Moisturising preparations (cosmetic); Moisturising skin creams (cosmetic); Moisturising skin lotions (cosmetic); Night creams (cosmetics); Oil for cosmetic use; Oils for cosmetic purposes; Powders for cosmetic purposes; Powders for the face (cosmetic); Preparations for removing cosmetics; Serum (cosmetic preparations); Skin balms (cosmetic); Skin care creams (cosmetic); Skin cleaners (cosmetic); Skin cleansing cream (cosmetic); Skin cleansing preparations (cosmetic); Skin creams (cosmetic); Skincare cosmetics; Sun barriers (cosmetics); Sun creams (cosmetics); Sun protecting creams (cosmetics); Sun protection oils (cosmetics); Sun protection products (cosmetics); Sun protectors for lips (cosmetics); Sun screen preparations (cosmetics); Sun screening preparations (cosmetics); Sun skin care products (cosmetics); After shower creams (non- medicated); After sun creams (not medicated); Anti-ageing creams, not medicated; Anti-aging creams, not medicated; Anti-wrinkle cream; Base cream; Cleansing creams (non-medicated); Day creams (non- medicated); Hand cream; Non-medicated cleaning creams for use on the person; Non-medicated cleansing creams; Non-medicated cream cleaners; Non-medicated creams for facial scrubs; Non- medicated creams for hydrating the skin; Non-medicated creams for moisturising the skin; Non- medicated creams for protection against the sun; Non-medicated creams for softening the skin; Non- medicated creams for the lips; Non-medicated creams for the skin; Non-medicated face cream