Trademark: IT'S OKAY, NOT TO BE OKAY 2005086
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
24 April 2019
Registration Date
24 April 2019
Renewal Date
24 April 2029

White Cleland Lawyers

Goods and Services:
Class 16:
Adhesive for stationery purposes; Adhesive preparations for stationery use; Adhesive substances for stationery purposes; Adhesive tapes (stationery); Articles of stationery; Binder fasteners (stationery); Binders (stationery); Binding articles (stationery); Binding materials for stationery use; Boxes for stationery use; Cards; Clips for stationery use; Computer stationery; Copying paper (stationery); Correcting fluid for stationery use; Correction tapes for stationery use; Data sheets (stationery); Envelopes (stationery); Erasers (stationery); Forms (stationery); Gift stationery; Glitter for stationery purposes; Glue for stationery or household purposes; Hand-operated stapling guns for stationery use; Index cards (stationery); Inks (stationery); Liquid glues for stationery use; Marker boards (stationery); Marking ink (stationery); Marking pens (stationery); Organisers (stationery); Pads (stationery); Paper articles of stationery; Paper boards (stationery); Paper punches being articles of stationery; Paper stationery; Pins (stationery); Plastic covers for use as stationery; Pocket books (stationery); Pouches (stationery); Rubber bands (stationery); Scented stationery; School supplies (stationery); Signs (stationery); Spiral pads (stationery); Staples (stationery); Stationery; Stationery for children's educational activities; Stationery for children's playing activities; Stationery for computers; Stationery for use in the educational field; Stationery for use with data processing apparatus; Stationery holders for desks; Stickers (stationery); Tabs (stationery); Tags (stationery); Wallets for stationery purposes; Wrappers (stationery); Art paper; Bond paper; Carbon paper; Fine art papers; Folders for papers; Gift wrapping paper; Paper; Ribbons of paper; Charcoal pencils; Colouring pencils; Correction pencils; Pencils; Pencil cases; Pencil sharpeners (electric or non-electric); Refills for roller ball pens; Roller ball pens; Rulers for drawing; Bumper stickers; Car stickers; Window stickers; Chalk holders; Bags (envelopes, pouches) of paper or plastics, for packaging; Plastic bags for wrapping; Films made of plastics for use as packaging material; Films of plastics for wrapping purposes; Plastic sheets for wrapping and/or packaging; Paint brushes; Office requisites, except furniture; Cardboard; Photographs (printed); Printed matter; Drawing materials; Materials for artists (other than paints); Paintbrushes
Class 25:
Apparel (clothing, footwear, headgear); Footwear; Headwear; Articles of clothing for theatrical use; Athletic clothing; Ballet clothing; Beach clothing; Belts (clothing); Boys' clothing; Braces for clothing (suspenders); Casual clothing; Chefs' clothing; Children's clothing; Clothing; Clothing for babies; Clothing for gymnastics; Clothing for sports; Clothing for surfing; Clothing for swimming; Clothing of leather; Cyclists' clothing; Dance clothing; Denims (clothing); Girl's clothing; Gloves (clothing); Golf clothing (other than gloves); Headbands (clothing); Hoods (clothing); Jackets (clothing); Jerseys (clothing); Jump suits (clothing); Kerchiefs (clothing); Knitwear (clothing); Ladies clothing; Leather belts (clothing); Men's clothing; Motorcyclists' clothing (other than for protection against accident or injury); Motorists' clothing; Pants (clothing); Playsuits (clothing); Rainproof clothing; Ready-to-wear clothing; Silk clothing; Ski clothing (other than for protection against injury); Slips (clothing); Sports clothing (other than golf gloves); Tennis clothing; Thermal clothing (not specifically adapted for protection against accident or injury); Thermally insulated clothing (not specifically adapted for protection against accident or injury); Thongs (clothing); Three piece suits (clothing); Veils (clothing); Women's clothing; Wristbands (clothing); Wristlets (clothing); School uniforms; Sports uniforms (other than golf gloves or helmets); Athletics shoes; Ballet shoes; Basketball shoes; Bathing shoes; Beach shoes; Canvas shoes; Dance shoes; Deck shoes; Dress shoes; Esparto shoes or sandals; Flat shoes; Golf shoes; Gymnastic shoes; Heel protectors for shoes; Heels for shoes; Hiking shoes; Hockey shoes; Leather shoes; Men's shoes; Midsoles for boots and shoes; Running shoes; Shoes; Shoes for casual wear; Shower shoes; Slip-on shoes; Sports shoes; Training shoes; Walking shoes
Class 41:
Academies (education); Academy education services; Adult education; Adult education services; Advisory services relating to education; Arranging and conducting of in-person educational forums; Arranging of exhibitions for educational purposes; Art gallery services for cultural or educational purposes; Association services being the provision of training and education to members of the association; Business educational services; Career advisory services (education or training advice); Career counselling (education or training advice); Career information and advisory services (educational and training advice); Charitable services, namely education and training; Childbirth education and training; Club services (entertainment or education); Conducting of educational conferences; Conducting of educational courses; Conducting of exhibitions for educational purposes; Consultancy services relating to education; Design of educational courses, examinations and qualifications; Dietary education services; Dissemination of educational material; Education advisory services; Education information; Education services; Educational assessment services; Educational consultancy services; Educational examination; Educational examination for users to qualify to pilot drones; Educational institute services; Educational instruction; Educational research; Educational seminars; Educational services provided by schools; Educational services provided by special needs assistants; Event management services in relation to the organisation of educational, entertainment, sporting or cultural events; Foreign language education services; Health education; Higher education services; Hire of educational apparatus; Hire of educational materials; Information relating to education; Information services relating to education; Kindergarten services (education or entertainment); Legal education services; Life coaching services (training or education services); Lingual education; Management of education services; Management of educational events; Medical education services; Mentoring (education and training); Musical education services; Occupational health and safety services (education and training services); Organisation of competitions (education or entertainment); Organisation of contests (education or entertainment); Organisation of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; Physical education; Physical education instruction; Physical health education; Preschools (education); Primary education services; Providing facilities for educational purposes; Providing information, including online, about education, training, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities; Provision of children's educational services through play groups; Provision of education courses; Provision of education services via an online forum; Provision of educational courses; Provision of educational examinations; Provision of educational information; Provision of facilities for education; Provision of information relating to education; Publication of educational materials; Publication of educational texts; Religious education; Religious educational services; Rental of educational apparatus; Rental of educational material; Rental of educational materials or apparatus; Setting of educational standards; Sports education services; Technological education services; University education services; Vocational education; Vocational guidance (education or training advice); Wine tasting services (education); cultural, educational or entertainment services provided by art galleries; Entertainment; Sporting activities; Cultural activities