Trademark: MAMO 2005060
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
24 April 2019
Registration Date
24 April 2019
Renewal Date
24 April 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 19:
Adhesive wall decorations stone; Agglomerated stone materials; Architectural products having the appearance of dressed stone; Articles of artificial stone for building purposes; Articles of natural stone for building purposes; Artificial stone; Artificial stones; Binding agents for making stones; Blocks made from natural stone; Bollards of artificial stone; Bollards of natural stone; Building elements of stone; Building stone; Calcareous stone; Capping stones for support posts; Capping stones for wall panels; Carvings of stone; Clinker stone; Coating compositions for preserving stonework (building materials, other than paints or oils); Coatings to protect stone from water (building materials, other than paints or oils); Coloured stone materials for use in building; Coloured stone materials for use in paving; Construction materials of artificial stone; Curb stones; Curtain wall facings made of artificial stone; Curtain wall facings made of natural stone; Decorative articles made of stone; Decorative paving stones; Embankment retaining stones for allowing the growth of plants; Figurines for ornamental purposes of stone, concrete or marble; Figurines of stone; Figurines of stone, concrete or marble; Fire surrounds (mantles and mantelpieces) of stone; Floor coverings made of agglomerated coloured stones; Flower boxes of stone; Free standing sculptures of stone, concrete or marble; Garden ornaments of stone; Light concrete stones; Manufactured stone; Manufactured stone veneer; Memorial plaques of stone; Memorial stones; Memorials of stone; Mixtures of cement, sand and stone material; Model aeroplanes (ornaments) made of stone; Model animals (ornaments) made of stone; Model cars (ornaments) made of stone; Model figures (ornaments) made of stone; Model vehicles (ornaments) made of stone; Models (ornaments) made of stone; Natural stone; Natural stone for building purposes; Natural stones (not precious); Non-metallic components for fixing capping stones; Non-metallic reconstituted adorning facing stones; Ornamental figurines made of stone; Planters made of stone; Plaques made of stone; Porous concrete stones; Porphyry (stone); Pumice stone slag; Reconstituted stone; Scale model cars (ornaments) of stone; Scale models (ornaments) of stone; Sculptures made from natural stone; Sculptures made from stone; Slag stone; Statues of stone, concrete or marble; Statuettes of stone, concrete or marble; Stone; Stone chippings; Stone for building; Stone for walls; Stone monuments; Stone ornaments; Stone slate tiles; Stone tiles; Stone veneer; Stones used to retain embankments; Synthetic stone; Tubs made of stone; Tubs made of stone for containing flowers; Tubs made of stone for containing plants; Turrets (structures) of stone; Wall decorations of stone (other than parts of buildings); Wall decorations of stone (parts of buildings); Wall plaques of stone (parts of buildings); Worked natural stone; Works of art of stone, concrete or marble; Works of stone masonry; Works of stonemasonry