Trademark: LEARN MY WAY 2000364
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Figurative, Word
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
01 May 2019
Registration Date
01 May 2019
Renewal Date
01 May 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Scientific apparatus and instruments; Apparatus and instruments for controlling electricity; Apparatus and instruments for regulating electricity; Apparatus and instruments for switching electricity; Checking (supervision) apparatus and instruments; Cinematographic apparatus and instruments; Nautical apparatus and instruments; Optical apparatus and instruments; Photographic apparatus and instruments; Signalling apparatus and instruments; Surveying apparatus and instruments; Weighing apparatus and instruments; Measuring apparatus; Measuring instruments; Life saving apparatus and equipment; Life saving instruments; Teaching apparatus; Teaching instruments; Apparatus for accumulating electricity; Instruments for accumulating electricity; Apparatus for the recording of sound or images; Apparatus for the transmission of sound or images; Apparatus for the reproduction of sound or images; Magnetic data carriers; Magnetic data carrying discs; Disks (magnetic); Compact discs (audio-video); Blank compact discs (CDs); Data compact discs; Blank DVDs; Recording discs in digital form; Digital apparatus; Mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; Cash registers; Calculating machines; Data processing equipment; Computers; Computer software; Downloadable software applications (apps); Electronic publications (downloadable); Printed publications in electronically readable form; Publications in computer readable form; Communications electronics for computers; Books recorded on disc; Books recorded on tape; Memo books (electronic); Talking books; Vocabulary note books (electronic); Computer programs, downloadable; Computer apparatus for educational use; Education software; Educational materials in the form of computer programmes for teaching languages; Educational materials in the form of pre-recorded discs for teaching languages; Educational materials in the form of pre-recorded tapes for teaching languages; Interactive education software; Films bearing recorded educational material; Downloadable podcasts; Downloadable webcasts; Instructional apparatus; Instructional instruments; Rotary magnetic recording disks; Recording discs; Pre-recorded DVDs; Media for recording sound; Media for recording visual images (other than sensitised films); Media for the reproduction of images; Media for the reproduction of sound; Recording media for audio signals; Recording media for video signals; Electronic book readers; Recorded video tapes; Computer software applications (downloadable); Recordings of television films; Recordings of television programmes; Electronic publications including those sold and distributed online; Computer game software, downloadable; Newspapers downloaded via the internet; Magazines downloaded via the internet; Weekly publications downloaded in electronic form from the internet; Computer programs for project management; Computer software for business purposes; Downloadable image files; Downloadable music files; Computer software programs; Data processors for business data
Class 36:
Advisory services relating to money management; Insurance; Financial affairs; Monetary affairs; Real estate acquisition (for others); Real estate agencies; Real estate agency services; Real estate agents services; Real estate appraisal; Real estate appraisals (valuations); Real estate assessment (financial); Real estate brokerage; Real estate broking; Real estate consultancy; Real estate financing; Real estate insurance services; Real estate investment; Real estate investment advice; Real estate investment management; Real estate investment services; Real estate lease renewal services; Real estate lease surrender services; Real estate leasing; Real estate management; Real estate selection and acquisition (on behalf of others); Real estate services relating to property development; Real estate services relating to real estate development; Real estate valuations; Real property evaluation (financial); Real property management; Real property rental; Realty services; Charitable fundraising; Raising of capital; Raising of finance; Savings scheme services; Provision of finance; Provision of financial information; Provision of funds; Financial analysis; Financial analysis for the purposes of identifying fraudulent financial activity; Financial appraisals; Financial appraisals in responding to calls for tenders; Financial appraisals in responding to requests for proposals (RFPs); Financial assessments; Financial asset management; Financial assistance; Financial banking; Financial brokerage; Financial business appraisals; Financial clearing house service; Financial consultancy; Financial consultation services; Financial credit services; Financial customs brokerage services; Financial economic advisory services; Financial economic analysis; Financial evaluation (insurance, banking, real estate); Financial evaluation of development costs relating to the oil, gas and mining industries; Financial evaluation of livestock; Financial evaluation of standing timber; Financial evaluation of wool; Financial evaluations; Financial exchange services; Financial fund management; Financial grant services; Financial guarantee assessment services; Financial guarantee services; Financial information; Financial information services; Financial intermediary services; Financial investigation services; Financial investment; Financial investment advisory services; Financial investment fund services; Financial investment management services; Financial investment research services; Financial leasing; Financial lending; Financial loan services; Financial loss management; Financial management; Financial management advisory services; Financial management of reimbursement payments for others; Financial market information services; Financial modelling services; Financial nominee services; Financial payment services; Financial planning; Financial portfolio management; Financial risk management; Financial savings services; Financial securities; Financial services; Financial sponsorship; Financial sponsorship of education, training, entertainment, sporting or cultural activities; Financial strategy consultancy services; Financial transaction services; Financial trust management; Financial underwriting; Financial valuation of standing timber; Financial valuation of wool; Financial valuation services; Financial valuations; Financing of home loans; Financing of investments; Financing of personal loans; Financing of property development; Financing of real estate developments; Tax advice (financial); Tax consultancy (financial); Tax consultations (financial); Tax financial planning; Tax returns financial consultancy; Tax services (financial); Taxation financial consultancy services; Taxation financial planning services; Money brokerage; Money deposit services; Money exchange services; Money exchanging; Money lending; Money order services; Money transfer services; Management consultancy relating to insurance; Management of capital investment funds; Management of finances; Management of financial assets; Management of funds; Management of investments; Management of pension funds; Management of pensions schemes; Management of property; Management of real estate; Management of securities; Management of unit trusts; Investing of funds; Investment; Investment account services; Investment advice; Investment analysis; Investment appraisal services; Investment asset management; Investment bank services; Investment banking; Investment brokerage; Investment business services; Investment consultancy; Investment consultations; Investment custody; Investment fund management; Investment information; Investment management; Investment management of funds; Investment of funds; Investment performance monitoring; Investment planning; Investment portfolio management services; Investment research; Investment trust management; Investment trust services; Investment trusteeship; Crowd funding services being the collection of financial donations; Securing of funds
Class 41:
Technological education services; Technical training; Computer based training; Computer training; Computerised training; Instruction in the use of computers; Educational services; Provision of training; Entertainment; Sporting activities; Sporting information; Sports consultancy; Sports education services; Sports information services; Sports instruction services; Sports officiating; Sports refereeing; Sports training; Sports tuition; Cultural activities; Electronic publication of information on a wide range of topics, including online and over a global computer network; Publication of books; Publication of educational materials; Publication of educational texts; Publication of journals; Publication of magazines; Publication of manuals; Publication of multimedia material online; Publication of music; Publication of news; Publication of newspapers; Publication of periodicals; Publication of posters; Publication of texts (other than publicity texts); Providing online electronic publications, not downloadable; Online publication of electronic books and journals; Book publishing; Desk top publishing; Electronic desktop publishing; Magazine publishing; Music publisher services (publication of music); Music publishing services; Provision of information relating to publishing; Publishing by electronic means; Publishing of books; Publishing of documents; Publishing of maps; Publishing of newsletters; Publishing of newspapers; Publishing of printed matter; Publishing of stories; Publishing services; Foreign language education services; Foreign-language dubbing; Instruction in languages; Interpreter services (language); Language interpretation services; Language interpreter services; Language teaching; Language training; Language tuition; Rental of educational apparatus; Rental of educational material; Health education; Occupational health and safety services (education and training services); Physical health education; Charitable services, namely academic mentoring; Charitable services, namely education and training; Organising charitable fundraising events being the provision of entertainment, sporting and cultural services; Business educational services; Business training consultancy services; Business training services; Conducting of business conferences; Provision of educational information; Provision of information about sports; Provision of information in relation to art; Provision of information relating to education; Provision of information relating to training; Advisory services relating to education; Advisory services relating to entertainment; Advisory services relating to publishing; Advisory services relating to the organisation of sporting events; Advisory services relating to training; Career advisory services (education or training advice); Career information and advisory services (educational and training advice); Computer training advisory services; Education advisory services; Consultancy services relating to education; Consultancy services relating to training; Consultation services relating to publication; Educational consultancy services; Lifestyle counselling and consultancy (training); Training consultancy; Arranging of courses of instruction; Arranging technical instruction courses; Conducting instructional courses; Conducting of correspondence courses; Conducting of educational courses; Correspondence courses; Design of educational courses, examinations and qualifications; Organisation of training courses; Personal development courses; Postgraduate training courses; Providing courses of instruction; Providing courses of training; Provision of correspondence courses; Provision of courses of instruction; Provision of education courses; Provision of educational courses; Provision of training courses; Rental of CDs (except computer software); Rental of DVDs; Rental of audio recordings; Rental of audio visual apparatus; Rental of books; Rental of cine-films; Rental of compact disc players; Rental of compact discs; Rental of educational materials or apparatus; Rental of electrical apparatus for the recording of sound; Rental of electrical apparatus for the recording of video signals; Rental of electrical apparatus for the reproduction of sound signals; Rental of electrical apparatus for the reproduction of video signals; Rental of electrical apparatus for the storage of sound signals; Rental of electrical apparatus for the storage of video signals; Rental of entertainment apparatus; Rental of equipment for use at sporting events; Rental of films; Rental of films, motion pictures and film production equipment; Rental of instructional material; Rental of magazines; Rental of pre-recorded films; Rental of sound recordings; Rental of sporting apparatus; Rental of sporting apparatus and equipment (except vehicles); Rental of sports apparatus; Rental of teaching apparatus; Rental of teaching instruments; Rental of television programmes; Rental of television sets; Rental of video cassette recorders; Rental of video cassettes; Rental of video recorders; Rental of video recordings; Rental of videotapes