Trademark: BLESYS 1998873
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
27 March 2019
Registration Date
27 March 2019
Renewal Date
27 March 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Battery adaptors; Battery cables; Battery charge indicators; Battery charge monitors; Battery chargers; Battery holders; Battery packs; Battery powered beacons; Battery starter cables; Battery starters; Battery terminals; Battery testers; Battery testing apparatus; Consumer type nickel cadmium battery chargers; Electric battery chargers; Power supply devices for battery chargers; Uninterruptible power supply apparatus (battery); Laptop computers; Electric adapter cables; Electric adapter connectors; Electric adapter plugs; Electric plug adapters; Electrical adapters; Chargers for electric batteries; Chargers for electronic cigarettes; Mobile phone chargers; Notebook computers; Batteries; Batteries for electronic cigarettes; Batteries, electric; Batteries, electric, for vehicles; Cases adapted for batteries; Consumer type rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries; Containers for batteries; Dry batteries; Dry-cell batteries; Electric apparatus for charging batteries; Electric batteries; Electrical batteries; Power packs (batteries); Power sources (batteries); Power supply devices (batteries); Power supply units (batteries); Power units (batteries); Rechargeable batteries; Rechargeable batteries for use with power hand tools; Rechargeable cellular telephone batteries; Rechargeable dry batteries; Storage batteries (electric); Computer cables; Computer hardware; Computer input devices; Computer keyboards; Computer mouses; Devices for use in the networking of computers; Mouse (computer peripherals); Power supplies for computers; Remote control units for computers; Wearable computers; USB flash drives; Camcorders; Apparatus for controlling cameras; Camera apparatus; Electronic cameras; Tripods for cameras; Video cameras; Cables for electronic transmission; Circuits (electric or electronic); Communications electronics for computers; Components for electronic circuits; Computers and electronic processing units; Connectors for electronic circuits; Electronic assemblies; Electronic cables; Electronic components; Electronic connectors; Electronic interfaces; Electronic locks; Electronic scales; Electronic scanners; Electronic security tags; Electronic storage devices; Electronic tablets; Electronic tags; Light-emitting electronic pointers; Locks (electronic); Microchips for electronic apparatus; Solar batteries; Consumer type power supplies; Electric power supplies (other than generators); Electric power supplies for electronic apparatus; Electric power supply units; Electrical power adaptors; Power supply apparatus (batteries); Microcomputers; Keyboards for use with microprocessors; Direct current converters; Voltage converters