Trademark: ODESSE 1997981
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
22 March 2019
Registration Date
22 March 2019
Renewal Date
22 March 2029

By George Legal

Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Oils for perfumes and scents; Perfume; Perfumed products (toilet preparations); Fragrances; Cologne; Scents; Cosmetics; Eyebrow cosmetics; Hair cosmetics; Moisturisers (cosmetics); Skincare cosmetics; Sun protection products (cosmetics); Skin tonics (non-medicated); Tonics (cosmetic); Essences for skin care; Non-medicated soaps; Beauty care products; Beauty products; Cosmetic preparations; Hair products; Hair care preparations; Hair conditioner; Hair shampoo; Body soaps; Bar soap; Facial soaps; Liquid soaps (non medicated); Body scrubs; Body care products (non-medicated); Non-medicated preparations for the care of the body; Serum (cosmetic preparations); Anti-wrinkle cream; Non-medicated eye wrinkle lotions; Cosmetic pencils; Cosmetic powder; Ointments for cosmetic use; Depilatory waxes; Epilating waxes; Cleaning oils; Essential oils; Non-medicated oils; Cleaning preparations; Cleaning products for the skin; Cleansing facial masks; Facial care products (cosmetic); Facial cleansers; Beauty creams (non-medicated); Exfoliants; Non-medicated skin care beauty products; Non-medicated skin care products; Non-medicated skin preparations; Cosmetic skin care products; Facial moisturisers (cosmetic); Non-medicated moisturisers; Bath products, not medicated; Make-up products; Antiperspirant deodorants; Deodorants for personal use; Cosmetic acne cleansers; Collagen preparations for cosmetic purposes; Anti-ageing creams, not medicated; Non-medicated dentifrices; Toothpastes; Hair removing preparations; Non-medicated hair lotions; Non-medicated toiletries; Herbal extracts for cosmetic purposes; Natural oils for cosmetic purposes; Powders for skin care (not for medical use); Wipes (tissues) impregnated with cosmetic lotions; Sunscreen preparations; Skin whitening creams; Lipstick cases; Lipsticks; Non-medicated lip balms; Foundation cream; Foundation make-up; Foundation preparations; Skin foundation; Colour cosmetics for the skin; Colour cosmetics for the eyes; Colouring preparations for cosmetic purposes; Sun bronzers; Eyelashes; Eyelash care products; Cosmetics for eyelashes; Cleansing products for the eyebrows; Cosmetic face powders; Make-up removing preparations; Eye make-up remover; Mascara; Nail polish; Nail polish removers; Rouge (cosmetic); Hair care products; Hair dyes; Hair preparations; Hair styling aids; Hair styling preparations; Lip gloss