Trademark: DL DI'LAMOR 1996411
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
17 March 2019
Registration Date
17 March 2019
Renewal Date
17 March 2029

Maryam Dib

Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Anti-sun preparations (cosmetics); Body creams (cosmetics); Colour cosmetics for the eyes; Colour cosmetics for the skin; Cosmetics; Cosmetics for animals; Cosmetics for bronzing the skin; Cosmetics for children; Cosmetics for eyebrows; Cosmetics for eyelashes; Cosmetics for personal use; Cosmetics for protecting the skin from sunburn; Cosmetics for skin tanning; Cosmetics for suntanning; Cosmetics for the treatment of dry skin; Cosmetics for the use on the hair; Cosmetics for use on the skin; Cosmetics in the form of creams; Cosmetics in the form of eye shadow; Cosmetics in the form of gels; Cosmetics in the form of mascara; Cosmetics in the form of milks; Cosmetics in the form of nail polish; Cosmetics in the form of non-medicated lotions; Cosmetics in the form of oils; Cosmetics in the form of powders; Cosmetics in the form of rouge; Cosmetics preparations; Cosmetics to remove pigmentation marks; Essential oils for use in cosmetics; Eyebrow cosmetics; Facial wipes impregnated with cosmetics; Hair cosmetics; Liners (cosmetics) for the eyes; Milks (cosmetics); Moisturisers (cosmetics); Nail base coat (cosmetics); Nail enamel (cosmetics); Nail enamel remover (cosmetics); Nail gloss (cosmetics); Nail hardeners (cosmetics); Nail polish removers (cosmetics); Nail preparations (cosmetics); Nail revitalising lotions (cosmetics); Nail tips (cosmetics); Nail treatment creams (cosmetics); Nail treatment gels (cosmetics); Nail treatment lotions (non-medicated cosmetics); Nail varnish remover (cosmetics); Nail varnish removing preparations (cosmetics); Night creams (cosmetics); Non-medicated cosmetics; Nourishing creams (non-medicated cosmetics); Oils for the body (cosmetics); Oils for the breasts (cosmetics); Oils for the skin (cosmetics); Paper hand towels impregnated with cosmetics; Preparations for removing cosmetics; Skincare cosmetics; Sprays for use on the body (cosmetics); Sun barriers (cosmetics); Sun blocking cream (cosmetics); Sun blocking gel (cosmetics); Sun blocking lipsticks (cosmetics); Sun blocking lotions (cosmetics); Sun blocking oils (cosmetics); Sun blocking preparations (cosmetics); Sun creams (cosmetics); Sun gel (cosmetics); Sun lotions (cosmetics); Sun milk (cosmetics); Sun protecting creams (cosmetics); Sun protection oils (cosmetics); Sun protection products (cosmetics); Sun protectors for lips (cosmetics); Sun screen preparations (cosmetics); Sun screening preparations (cosmetics); Sun skin care products (cosmetics); Sun-tanning preparations (cosmetics); Suntan lotion (cosmetics); Suntan milk (cosmetics); Suntan oils (cosmetics); Suntan preparations (cosmetics); Tanning compositions (cosmetics); Tanning creams (cosmetics); Tanning oils (cosmetics); Tanning preparations (cosmetics); Textile pads impregnated with cosmetics; Tints (cosmetics); Tissues impregnated with cosmetics; Toilet napkins of cellulose impregnated with cosmetics; Toilet napkins of cellulose wadding impregnated with cosmetics; Toilet napkins of paper impregnated with cosmetics; Toy cosmetics (usable); Varnishes (cosmetics)