Trademark: VIERRA 1995436
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
13 March 2019
Registration Date
13 March 2019
Renewal Date
13 March 2029

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Goods and Services:
Class 5:
Medicated skin care preparations; Medicated skin creams; Medicated skin lotions; Moisturising preparations for use on the skin (pharmaceutical); Moisturising skin creams (pharmaceutical); Moisturising skin lotions (pharmaceutical); Natural body care products (medicated) for the skin; Pharmaceutical preparations for application to the skin; Pharmaceutical preparations for skin care; Pharmaceutical preparations for use in the treatment of skin blemishes; Preparations for application to the skin (pharmaceuticals); Preparations for care of the skin (medical); Preparations for the skin (medicated); Skin care products (medicated); Skin lotions (medicated); Skin tonics (medicated); Medicated preparations for nourishing the skin; Medicated preparations for the regeneration of the skin; Medicated preparations for the treatment of disorders of the skin; Medicated preparations for the treatment of skin diseases; Medicated preparations for the treatment of the skin; Medicated preparations for use on dry skin; Medicated creams for hydrating the skin; Beverages containing added vitamins (for medical purposes); Beverages adapted for medical purposes; Beverages containing added minerals (for medical purposes); Beverages containing added trace elements (for medical purposes); Medicated beverages; Dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes; Tonic water (medicated beverages); Medicaments in liquid form; Flavonoid substances; Collagen based medicated supplements; Medicine; Medicated preparations; Healthcare products (medicinal); Pharmaceutical preparations; Pharmaceutical compositions; Pharmaceutical creams; Pharmaceutical products; Pharmaceutical tablets; Dietary supplements; Nutritional supplements; Vitamin tablets; Pharmaceutical preparations containing vitamins; Nutritional preparations for medical use; Herbal preparations for medicinal purposes; Dietetic substances adapted for medical use; Dietetic food supplements adapted for medical purposes; Mineral dietary supplements for humans; Vitamin supplements; Vitamin preparations; Vitamins; Food supplements (dietary supplements); Sanitary preparations for medical purposes