Trademark: I LOVE BREAKFAST 1991641
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25 February 2019
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25 February 2019
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25 February 2029

AJ Park

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Class 30:
Breakfast cereal; cereal preparations; cereal products; processed cereals; foods consisting predominantly of cereals; cereal based snacks; cereal extracts for food and for use as food flavourings; cereal based foods containing nuts; cereal-based beverages, being cereal-based foods; cereal-based food preparations with added vitamins and minerals in this class; cereal-based energy bars and snack foods; cornflakes; muesli; muesli-based snack foods; oat flakes; oat-based snack foods; wheat-based snack foods; grain and grain products; instant porridge; oat porridge; flour; bread; breadcrumbs; pastry; biscuits; cookies; crackers; cakes; preparations for making cakes; yeast; yeast products; yeast extracts; yeast spreads; rice and rice products; rice cakes; rice-based snack foods; rice-based prepared meals; soy flour and sauce; soy-based products in this class; corn snacks; custard; gravy; malt extract for food; seasonings other than essential oils; flavourings other than essential oils; flavourings for beverages other than essential oils; condiments; malted wheat extract; farinaceous foods; farinaceous food pastes; preserved herbs; soy bean paste; pasta; pasta-based prepared meals; ravioli; lasagne; noodles; noodle-based prepared meals; semolina; sago; tapioca; salad dressings; pies; pizzas; burgers and hamburgers in this class; prepared meals consisting predominantly of rice, pasta or noodles; vegetarian meals consisting predominantly of rice, pasta or noodles; almond paste; bean meal; sausage binding materials; starch for food; vanilla and vanilla substitutes; fruit sauces; sauces; baking-powder; salt; mustard; vinegar; sauces (condiments); spices; ice; ices; ice cream; frozen yoghurt; confectionery; puddings for use as desserts; muesli desserts; ice cream desserts; chocolate desserts; honey; sugar; treacle; golden syrup; natural sweeteners; coffee; coffee-based beverages; coffee substitutes; artificial coffee; tea; tea-based beverages; tea substitutes; artificial tea; cocoa; cocoa-based beverages; cocoa substitutes; artificial cocoa; chocolate-based beverages