Trademark: RD 1991382
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
22 February 2019
Registration Date
22 February 2019
Renewal Date
22 February 2029

Ajay Singh

Goods and Services:
Class 37:
Abrasive cleaning of surfaces; Acoustic ceiling cleaning; Au pair services (household cleaning and maintenance services); Boiler cleaning services; Building cleaning; Car cleaning services; Carpet cleaning; Ceiling cleaning services; Cleaning and servicing of portable toilets; Cleaning consultancy and advisory services; Cleaning equipment hire; Cleaning of blinds; Cleaning of boilers; Cleaning of building exteriors; Cleaning of building interiors; Cleaning of building sites; Cleaning of buildings (exterior surface); Cleaning of buildings (interior); Cleaning of commercial premises; Cleaning of domestic premises; Cleaning of drains; Cleaning of factories; Cleaning of floor coverings; Cleaning of floor surfaces; Cleaning of furnishings; Cleaning of furniture; Cleaning of hospitals; Cleaning of hotels; Cleaning of industrial premises; Cleaning of leather; Cleaning of machines; Cleaning of motor vehicles; Cleaning of offices; Cleaning of property; Cleaning of public buildings; Cleaning of schools; Cleaning of shoes; Cleaning of shops; Cleaning of streets; Cleaning of structures; Cleaning of textiles; Cleaning of wall surfaces; Cleaning services; Cleaning services for decluttering homes; Cleaning services for decluttering offices; Domestic cleaning; Domestic cleaning services; Drapery cleaning; Fur care, cleaning and repair; Hire of cleaning apparatus; House cleaning services; Industrial cleaning services; Installation of central vacuum cleaning systems; Janitorial cleaning services; Leather care, cleaning and repair; Maintenance and repair of cleaning apparatus; Mechanical and chemical cleaning services; Office cleaning services; Polishing (cleaning) of floors; Provision of cleaning services; Rental of carpet cleaning machines; Rental of cleaning apparatus; Rental of cleaning equipment; Rental of cleaning machines; Rental of machines for cleaning carpets; Rental of machines for cleaning floor coverings; Rental of machines for cleaning furniture; Rental of underwater abrasive cleaning apparatus; Sanitation (cleaning services); Sewer pipe cleaning; Street cleaning; Vehicle cleaning; Waste removal (cleaning); Window cleaning