Trademark: EIMELE 1988994
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
13 February 2019
Registration Date
13 February 2019
Renewal Date
13 February 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 5:
Pharmaceutical preparations containing vitamins; Preparations of vitamins; Vitamins; Effervescent vitamin tablets; Multivitamins; Vitamin C preparations; Vitamin drinks; Vitamin preparations; Vitamin preparations for human consumption; Vitamin preparations in tablet form; Vitamin preparations in the nature of food supplements; Vitamin supplement patches; Vitamin supplements; Vitamin supplements for foodstuffs for human consumption; Vitamin supplements for use by lactating women; Vitamin supplements for use by pregnant women; Dietary fibre; Dietary food supplements; Dietary nutritional supplements; Dietary preparations for slimming purposes (medical); Dietary protein supplements; Dietary supplements; Dietary supplements for infants; Dietary supplements with a cosmetic effect; Energy drinks (dietary supplements); Food supplements (dietary supplements); Herbal dietary supplements; Protein dietary supplements; Medicated food supplements; Medicinal food supplements; Mineral food supplements; Nutritional supplements; Supplements (trace element) for foodstuffs for human consumption; Fibre supplements; Nutritional meal replacement powders; Nutritional meal replacements; Nutritional supplement energy bars; Nutritional supplement protein bars; Nutritional preparations for medical use; Dietetic foods for use in clinical nutrition; Mineral preparations for use as nutritional additives to foodstuffs for humans; Collagen based medicated supplements; Collagen for medical use; Beverages containing added minerals (for medical purposes); Medicated mineral drinks; Mineral additives; Mineral additives to foodstuffs for human consumption; Mineral dietary supplements for humans; Mineral preparations for use as supplements to drinking water; Beverages for infants; Dietetic foods adapted for infants; Dried milk being food for infants; Food for infants; Foodstuffs for infants; Food for babies; Foodstuffs for babies; Hydrolysed starches for infants' foods; Infant formula; Infants' foods; Lactose free infant's formula; Milk foods for infants; Pharmaceutical products for infants; Powdered milk foods for infants; Babies' beverages; Babies' food; Cereals for babies; Dietetic substances for babies; Dried milk preparations being food for babies; Dried milk products being food for babies; Powdered milk for babies; Milk powder for babies; Nutriments for babies; Pharmaceutical products; Air purifying preparations; Insect repellent incense; Maternity underpads; Menstruation pads; Menstruation tampons; Pads for feminine protection; Babies' diapers; Babies' diapers (disposable); Diapers; Diapers for pets
Class 29:
Pickled fruit; Pickled vegetables; Pickles; Dried fruit; Dried fruit products; Dried mushrooms; Dried vegetables; Dried whey products; Flowers and leaves, being dried, cooked or preserved foodstuffs; Food products made from dried fruits; Food products made from dried nuts; Food products made from dried vegetables; Fruits, dried; Prepared snacks made from dried fruit; Prepared snacks made from dried vegetables; Vegetables, dried; Mixtures of fruit and nuts; Mixtures of nuts and dried fruits; Prepared snacks made from nuts; Snack foods made from dried vegetables; Prepared meals consisting principally of vegetables; Prepared meals made from fruit (fruit predominating); Prepared nuts; Pressed fruit paste; Roast nuts; Snack foods made from dehydrated vegetables; Snack foods made from extruded vegetables; Vegan foods consisting predominantly of vegetables; Prepared foods consisting principally of fruits; Prepared fruits; Processed fruits; Whey powder; Fruit based snack food; Dried milk; Dried milk powder; Dried milk products; Beverages consisting principally of milk; Beverages made from milk; Beverages with a milk base; By-products of milk; Yoghurts containing pulped fruits; Drinks based predominantly on milk; Drinks made from dairy products; Foods made from milk products; Milk; Milk products; Milk protein; Milk protein products; Milk shakes; Powdered milk (other than for babies); Preparations for making milk beverages; Preparations for making milk shakes; Protein milk; Yoghurt; Dairy based beverages and powders; Fruit based dairy products; Dried meats; Food preparations made from meat; Food products made from meat; Meat; Seaweed extracts for food; Food products made of fish; Canned fruits; Fruit chips; Eggs; Edible oils; Mushrooms, prepared; Edible soy proteins; Food protein for human consumption; Gut or artificial gut for sausage casings; Gelatine for culinary purposes; Wheat proteins for human consumption
Class 30:
Beverages made from cereals; Breakfast cereals; Cereals products in bar form; Crisp snack food products made from cereals; Food products consisting of cereals; Foodstuffs made from cereals; Foodstuffs made with cereals; Preparations made from cereals; Processed cereals for culinary purposes; Snack food products made from cereals; Snack foods made from cereals; Cereal bars; High-protein cereal bars; Muesli bars; Muesli; Snack bars consisting of chocolate; Snack bars containing a mixture of grains, nuts and dried fruit (confectionery); Snack bars containing dried fruits (confectionery); Snack bars containing grains (confectionery); Preparations for breakfasts (cereal); Honey; Honeycomb (edible); Beverages with a chocolate base; Chocolate bars; Chocolate beverages; Beverages with a cocoa base; Beverages with tea base; Foods with a chocolate base; Foods with a cocoa base; Preparations containing chocolate for making into beverages; Cocoa beverages; Instant powder for making flavoured coffee-based, tea-based or cocoa-based drinks; Powdered preparations containing cocoa for use in making beverages; Coffee-based beverages; Beverages made of tea; Fruit flavoured tea (other than medicinal); Fruit tea (other than for medical purposes); Herb tea not for medical purposes; Instant tea (other than for medicinal purposes); Non-medicated tea bags; Non-medicated tea products; Preparations for making tea based beverages; Tea (not medicinal); Tea-based beverages; Sugar; Non-medicated sweets; Foodstuffs made of rice; Onigiri (rice balls); Noodles; Starch for food; Edible ices; Yeast; Seaweed (condiment)
Class 35:
Provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services; Sales promotion (for others); Business administration; Business acquisitions; Business advice; Business consultancy; Business franchising services (group purchasing, group advertising); Business management; Business management services relating to franchising; Business planning; Procurement services for others (purchasing goods and services for other businesses); Advertising; Arranging exhibitions for advertising purposes; Business advertising services relating to franchising; Demonstration of goods for advertising purposes; Online advertising on a computer network; Presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; Retail services; Retailing of goods (by any means); wholesale services for pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations and medical supplies; Wholesaling of goods (by any means); Provision of advertising space; Rental of advertising space on the internet; Search engine optimisation for sales promotion; Rental of sales stands; Rental of advertising apparatus; Marketing; Provision of assistance (business) in the operation of franchises; Provision of business information relating to franchising; Business assistance relating to franchising; Business assistance relating to the establishment of franchises; Commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; Administration relating to sales methods; Marketing and sales channel management; Event management services in the relation to the organization of exhibitions or trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; Arranging exhibitions for trade purposes; Provision of information relating to advertising; Provision of information relating to marketing