Trademark: WE MAKE SHIFT HAPPEN 1988924
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
20 February 2019
Registration Date
20 February 2019
Renewal Date
20 February 2029

Alicia Beverley

Goods and Services:
Class 7:
Cranes (lifting and hoisting apparatus); Cranes for use with tow trucks (lifting and hoisting apparatus); Hoisting apparatus (mechanical); Machines for hoisting; Motorised work platforms for hoisting purposes; Hydraulically operated control apparatus; Industrial control apparatus (pneumatic); Mechanical control apparatus (electric); Mechanical control apparatus for engines; Stop valves (parts of machines); Apparatus for binding objects with wires; Apparatus for the tipping of goods; Apparatus for use in the sorting of waste; Chutes for the sorting of goods (parts of machines); Sorting machines for industry; Chutes (parts of machines); Machines for the compacting of waste; Mechanically operated waste disposal apparatus; Assembly line conveyor apparatus; Automatic conveyor installations; Bucket conveyors; Bucket rails for conveyors; Cable driven conveying machines; Continuous vertical conveyors; Conveying belts; Conveying installations (other than for the transportation of people); Conveyor cages; Drives for conveyors; Electronically operated conveyor belt apparatus; Industrial conveyors; Movable elevator conveyors; Roller conveyors; Roller tracks for use in roller conveyor apparatus; Trough conveyors (machines); Vertical bucket conveyors; Apparatus for lifting containers for waste materials; Apparatus for lifting rubbish skips; Lifting apparatus for containers; Lifting platforms; Lifting ramps; Lifting tackle (machines); Loading arms (lifting apparatus); Mechanical control devices for lifting apparatus; Powered lifting apparatus; Automated machines for loading materials; Loading cranes; Loading ramps; Pallet loading belts; Power generating apparatus; Conveyor belt rollers; Rollers for bearings; Travelling rollers (conveying apparatus); Water removal apparatus (pumps); Pumping apparatus (machines); Refuse handling apparatus; Ramming apparatus (machines) for earth displacement; Ramming apparatus (machines) for the introduction of pipes; Dust removing installations for cleaning purposes; Handling installations; Lift installations; Mechanical control installations; Pump installations; Sifting installations; Suction conveyor installations
Class 37:
Hire of building apparatus; Hire of building machinery; Hire of building tools; Hire of bulldozers; Hire of construction apparatus; Hire of construction equipment; Hire of construction machinery; Hire of earth moving machines; Hire of ladders; Hire of lifting apparatus; Hire of machines for use in civil engineering; Hire of road making apparatus; Hire of scaffolding; Erection of scaffolding; Rental of platforms and scaffolding; Scaffolding dismantling; Rental of dust control apparatus; Waste removal (cleaning); Rental of cranes; Rental of cranes (construction equipment); Electrical apparatus installation; Installation of apparatus for sanitation; Installation of apparatus for ventilating; Installation of electricity generators; Installation of fittings for buildings; Installation of storage facilities; Lift installation and repair; Machinery installation, maintenance and repair; Maintenance, installation and repair of industrial apparatus and instruments; Pipe installation services; Providing information, including online, about building construction, and repair and installation services; Rental of apparatus for use in the construction of buildings; Rental of building apparatus; Rental of building construction machinery; Rental of building machines; Rental of building tools; Rental of bulldozers; Rental of cleaning apparatus; Rental of concrete-mixing apparatus; Rental of drainage pumps; Rental of earth-moving and excavating machines; Rental of excavators; Rental of industrial lighting; Rental of ladders; Rental of lifting apparatus; Rental of scaffolding