Trademark: PM60 1988268
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
07 February 2019
Registration Date
07 February 2019
Renewal Date
07 February 2029

Studio Legal

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Computer programs for project management; Computer systems designed for project management; Computer software programs for spreadsheet management; Computer programs for financial management; Computer software programs for database management; Computer programs for management of manufacturing; Computer programs for the management of sales; Computer programs for the management of the manufacturing processes; Application software; Personal computer application software; Downloadable software applications (apps); Communication software; Communications apparatus; Communications systems; Data communications apparatus; Data display apparatus; Electronic communication apparatus; Personal communication apparatus; Computer games entertainment software; Computer software; Computer software applications (downloadable); Computer software downloaded from the internet; Computer software for communication between computer processes; Interactive computer software; Interactive entertainment software for use with computers; Interactive video software; Programs for personal computers; Computer programs relating to the creation of photographic images; Computer hardware; Computer hardware publications in electronic form; Electronic and recorded multimedia publications; Video recordings; Pre-recorded video films; Videos; Audio recordings; Downloadable image files; Apparatus for processing digital data; Apparatus for transmitting data; Apparatus for recording digital information; Apparatus for processing information; Electronic publications (downloadable); Weekly publications (electronic); Printed publications in electronically readable form; Databases (electronic publications)
Class 42:
Application Service Provider (ASP) services; Provision of online non-downloadable software (application service provider); Hosting of software as a service (SaaS); Software as a service (SaaS); Platform as a Service (PaaS); Online provision of web-based applications (non-downloadable); Online provision of web-based software (non-downloadable); Web portal services (designing or hosting); Computer support services (computer hardware, software and peripherals advisory and information services); Computer support services (programming and software installation, repair and maintenance services); Computer advisory services; Computer consultancy services; Computer program advisory services; Computer program maintenance services; Computer programming consultancy; Computer technology consultancy; Computer software consultancy; Provision of information relating to computer programs; Provision of information relating to computers; Installation and maintenance of computer software; Repair of computer software; Information technology (IT) services (computer hardware, software and peripherals design and technical consultancy); Recovery of computer data; Computer network services; Advisory services relating to computer hardware; Computer software advisory services; Computer software development; Development of computer software application solutions; Consultancy in the design and development of computer software; Software creation; Project management (design); Off site building project management; Engineering project management services; Architectural project management