Trademark: SPOKA 1985401
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
25 January 2019
Registration Date
25 January 2019
Renewal Date
25 January 2029

AJ Park

Goods and Services:
Class 38:
Telecommunications; information about telecommunication; communications by computer terminals; communications by fibre optic networks; communications by telephone; communications by cellular phones; providing user access to global computer networks; providing access to databases; providing online forums; electronic bulletin board services (telecommunications services); providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; rental of telecommunication equipment; teleconferencing services; videoconferencing services; electronic messaging; rental of access time to global computer networks; transmission of information by electronic communications networks; data transmission services over telematic networks; message sending; computer aided transmission of messages and images; transmission and reception of messages by means of worldwide computer networks; telecommunications routing and junction services; telephone services; providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; communication services, namely, electronic transmission of data and documents among users of computers; satellite transmission; telecommunications gateway services; real-time connection services between computer users for information exchange purposes; electronic communications consultancy; communication network consultancy; consultancy services relating to data communications; advisory and consultancy services relating to wireless communications and wireless communications equipment; providing access to a video sharing portal