Trademark: AusGoldHealthCare 1985164
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
24 January 2019
Registration Date
24 January 2019
Renewal Date
24 January 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 5:
Dietetic drinks adapted for medical purposes; Drinking water for medical purposes; Energy drinks (dietary supplements); Medicinal drinks; Vitamin drinks; Beverages containing added vitamins (for medical purposes); Food supplements for animals (vitamins); Pharmaceutical preparations containing vitamins; Preparations of vitamins; Vitamin preparations in tablet form; Vitamin supplements; Vitamin supplements for foodstuffs for human consumption; Vitamin tablets; Vitamins; Vitamins for animals; Homeopathic medicines; Medicine; Medicines for dental purposes; Medicines for human use; Medicines for preventing ailments; Medicines for veterinary purposes; Tablets for medicines; Tonics (medicine); Baby food; Dietary food preparations for medical use (medical food); Dietary food supplements; Dietetic foods adapted for infants; Dietetic foods for medicinal purposes; Dried milk being food for infants; Dried milk powder being food for babies; Infants' foods; Medical foodstuff additives for pharmaceutical use; Medical foodstuff additives for veterinary use; Medicated food supplements; Milk foods for infants; Milk powder for foodstuffs for babies; Milk powders (foodstuff for babies); Powdered milk foods for infants; Milk powder for babies; Acai powder dietary supplements; Medicated foot powders; Medicated soap powders; Nutritional meal replacement powders; Powdered milk for babies; Powders for skin care (for medical use); Powders for the body (for medical use); Medicated creams for protection of the skin; Medicated creams for the skin; Medicated ointments for application to the skin; Medicated preparations for the regeneration of the skin; Medicated preparations for the treatment of disorders of the skin; Medicated preparations for use on dry skin; Medicated skin creams; Medicated skin lotions; Moisturising preparations for use on the skin (pharmaceutical); Pharmaceutical preparations for skin care; Preparations for care of the skin (medical); Preparations for the treatment of the skin; Skin care creams for medical use; Skin care oils (medicated); Skin cleaners (medicated); Skin lotions (medicated); Skin treatment (medicated) for animals; Sun skin care products for medical purposes; Healthcare products (medicinal); Natural healthcare preparations (medicaments); Pharmaceutical preparations for health care; Medicated baby care products; Dental implants (removable) for the regeneration of gum tissue; Medicated products for dental hygiene; Acne creams (pharmaceutical preparations); Babies' creams (medicated); Body creams (medicated); Dermatological creams (medicated); Medicated after sun creams; Medicated creams; Medicated creams for protection against the sun; Nappy cream (medicated); Medicated powders; Medicated preparations in the form of powders; Medicated talcum powder; Antimicrobial mouthwashes; Antiseptic mouthwashes; Medical mouthwashes; Mouthwashes (gargles) for medical purposes; Mouthwashes for medical purposes; Elixirs for preventing throat infections; Elixirs for relieving throat infections; Throat sprays (medicated); Nasal decongestants; Nasal drops for the treatment of allergies; Nasal spray for the treatment of allergies; Nasal washes; Pharmaceutical preparations for nasal use; Solutions for medical use in washing the nasal passages; Eardrops; Sleeping pills
Class 29:
Aerated beverages (predominantly of milk); Aerated drinks (predominantly of milk); Almond milk; Almond milk for culinary purposes; Almond milk-based beverages; Beverages consisting principally of milk; Beverages made from milk; Beverages with a milk base; By-products of milk; Canned milk; Coconut milk; Coconut milk for cooking; Coconut milk for culinary purposes; Coconut milk-based beverages; Condensed milk; Cows' milk; Cream preparations containing milk and fruits; Curdled milk; Dried milk; Dried milk powder; Dried milk products; Drinks based predominantly on milk; Drinks flavoured with chocolate and having a milk base; Flavoured milk; Food made principally from milk; Food preparations having a base of milk; Foods made from milk products; Foods prepared from milk; Fruit flavoured beverages having a milk base; Goat's milk; Goat's milk cheese; Half-fat milk products; Instant desserts having a milk base; Kefir (milk beverage); Kephir (milk beverage); Long life milk; Low fat milk products; Malted milk beverages (milk predominating); Milk; Milk based beverages (milk predominating); Milk beverages (milk predominating); Milk cream; Milk drinks; Milk jellies; Milk products; Milk protein; Milk protein products; Milk shakes; Milkshakes; Oat milk; Peanut milk; Peanut milk for culinary purposes; Preparations made from milk; Protein milk; Rice milk; Rice milk for culinary purposes; Skimmed milk; Sour milk products; Soya bean milk; Soya milk; Whole milk; Yoghurt made from goats milk; Blended cheese; Blue cheese; Butter cheeses; Cheese; Cheese fondue; Cheese in powder form; Cheese mixtures; Cheese products; Cheese spreads; Cheese sticks; Cottage cheese; Cream cheese; Curd cheese; Low fat cheese; Processed cheese; Soft cheese