Trademark: GOODLIFT 1984736
Trademark Type
Protected: Registered/protected
Application Date
12 November 2018
Registration Date
12 November 2018
Renewal Date
12 November 2028


Goods and Services:
Class 25:
Wimples; bandanas [neckerchiefs]; underwear; sweat-absorbent underwear; berets; overalls; boas [necklets]; teddies [underclothing]; ski boots; boots for sports; breeches for wear; trousers; football boots; brassieres; detachable collars; collars [clothing]; shirt yokes; veils [clothing]; gabardines [clothing]; galoshes; neckties; ascots; leggings [leg warmers]; gaiters; boot uppers; corselets; jerseys [clothing]; vests; sports jerseys; hosiery; heels; hoods [clothing]; hat frames [skeletons]; pockets for clothing; neck scarfs [mufflers]; visors [headwear]; cap peaks; tights; slips [underclothing]; combinations [clothing]; wet suits for water-skiing; bodices [lingerie]; corsets [underclothing]; suits; bathing suits; masquerade costumes; beach clothes; jackets [clothing]; stuff jackets [clothing]; fishing vests; liveries; camisoles; cuffs; short-sleeve shirts; mantillas; coats; sleep masks; furs [clothing]; mittens; miters [hats]; muffs [clothing]; footmuffs, not electrically heated; heelpieces for footwear; bibs, not of paper; fur stoles; ear muffs [clothing]; socks; beach shoes; sports shoes; footwear; paper clothing; outerclothing; ready-made clothing; motorists' clothing; cyclists' clothing; clothing for gymnastics; clothing of imitations of leather; clothing of leather; uniforms; clothes for sports; clothing; fittings of metal for footwear; maniples; overcoats; parkas; pelerines; gloves [clothing]; ski gloves; pajamas; bathing trunks; shirt fronts; scarfs; pocket squares; dresses; headbands [clothing]; garters; sock suspenders; stocking suspenders; ready-made linings [parts of clothing]; dress shields; soles for footwear; braces for clothing [suspenders]; lace boots; ponchos; girdles; belts [clothing]; money belts [clothing]; layettes [clothing]; non-slipping devices for footwear; heelpieces for stockings; welts for footwear; chasubles; shirts; wooden shoes; sandals; bath sandals; boots; sarongs; jumper dresses; saris; sweaters; footwear uppers; inner soles; bath slippers; togas; knitwear [clothing]; underpants; gymnastic shoes; slippers; shoes; skull caps; turbans; headgear for wear; aprons [clothing]; tee-shirts; dressing gowns; bath robes; top hats; tips for footwear; stockings; sweat-absorbent stockings; shawls; caps [headwear]; paper hats [clothing]; shower caps; bathing caps; sashes for wear; studs for football boots; hats; trouser straps; pelisses; esparto shoes or sandals; skirts; petticoats; skorts.
Class 28:
Arcade video game machines; video game machines; gaming machines for gambling; amusement machines, automatic and coin-operated; toy vehicles; swimming pools [play articles]; trampolines; novelty toys for parties; scratch cards for playing lottery games; starting blocks for sports; bodyboards; skating boots with skates attached; dolls' feeding bottles; stationary exercise bicycles; creels [fishing traps]; shuttlecocks; spinning tops [toys]; jigsaw puzzles; clay pigeons [targets]; punching bags; bite sensors [fishing tackle]; hang gliders; flying discs [toys]; discuses for sports; dolls' houses; dominoes; swimming kick boards; surfboards; spring boards [sports articles]; skateboards; sailboards; chessboards; checkerboards; darts; Christmas trees of synthetic material; cups for dice; swimming jackets; ascenders [mountaineering equipment]; kites; toys; toys for pets; stuffed toys; plush toys; toy mobiles; parlor games; board games; ring games; games; building games; kaleidoscopes; bladders of balls for games; rosin used by athletes; edges of skis; bingo cards; playing cards; fairground ride apparatus; reels for fishing; rocking horses; swings; skittles; skittles [games]; billiard cues; golf clubs; hockey sticks; seal skins [coverings for skis]; bells for Christmas trees; dolls' rooms; confetti; ice skates; roller skates; in-line roller skates; dice; paintball guns [sports apparatus]; ski bindings; dolls' beds; roulette wheels; fish hooks; building blocks [toys]; dolls; flippers for swimming; fishing lines; gut for fishing; bows for archery; skis; waterskis; surf skis; mah-jong; hunting game calls; puppets; carnival masks; theatrical masks; fencing masks; masts for sailboards; teddy bears; chalk for billiard cues; targets; electronic targets; scale model kits [toys]; scale model vehicles; balls for games; artificial fishing bait; billiard table cushions; knee guards [sports articles]; billiard cue tips; elbow guards [sports articles]; dolls' clothes; fencing weapons; twirling batons; paragliders; pachinkos; baseball gloves; boxing gloves; golf gloves; gloves for games; batting gloves [accessories for games]; fencing gauntlets; toy pistols; percussion caps [toys]; caps for pistols [toys]; rattles [playthings]; horseshoe games; candle holders for Christmas trees; Christmas tree stands; sole coverings for skis; water wings; floats for fishing; portable games with liquid crystal displays; swimming belts; decoys for hunting or fishing; scent lures for hunting or fishing; archery implements; kite reels; soap bubbles [toys]; divot repair tools [golf accessories]; billiard markers; protective paddings [parts of sports suits]; rackets; surfboard leashes; harness for sailboards; weight lifting belts [sports articles]; sling shots [sports articles]; rollers for stationary exercise bicycles; harpoon guns [sports articles]; scooters [toys]; sleds [sports articles]; bob-sleighs; butterfly nets; landing nets for anglers; nets for sports; tennis nets; bite indicators [fishing tackle]; slot machines [gaming machines]; appliances for gymnastics; quoits; bar-bells; climbers' harness; fishing tackle; artificial snow for Christmas trees; snowshoes; snowboards; clay pigeon traps; billiard tables; coin-operated billiard tables; tables for table tennis; tables for table football; strings for rackets; gut for rackets; cricket bags; golf bags, with or without wheels; slides [playthings]; radio-controlled toy vehicles; body-building apparatus; machines for physical exercises; backgammon games; men's athletic supporters [sports articles]; rods for fishing; ornaments for Christmas trees, except illumination articles and confectionery; tennis ball throwing apparatus; conjuring apparatus; apparatus for games; bowling apparatus and machinery; counters [discs] for games; chips for gambling; bags especially designed for skis and surfboards; marbles for games; billiard balls; playing balls; play balloons; paintballs [ammunition for paintball guns] [sports apparatus]; snow globes; chess games; checkers [games]; poles for pole vaulting; paper party hats; shin guards [sports articles]; camouflage screens [sports articles]; chest expanders [exercisers]; novelty toys for playing jokes; toy air pistols; controllers for game consoles.