Trademark: ANIWEARABLES 1984482
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
23 January 2019
Registration Date
23 January 2019
Renewal Date
23 January 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 28:
Action figures (toys or playthings); Action toys; Battery operated toys (playthings); Children's toys; Clothing for toy figures; Drawing toys; Educational toys; Electronic activity toys; Electronic activity toys incorporating a talking mechanism; Electronic remote controlled toys; Electronic toys (playthings); Figurines being toys; Fluffy toys; Interlocking toy construction pieces; Metal toys; Model animals (toys or playthings); Model figures (toys or playthings); Model figures (toys or playthings) for sale in kit form; Model figures (toys or playthings) for use in playing war games; Model toys; Models (toys or playthings); Motor driven toy animals; Musical toys; Plastic models being toys; Plastic scale models (toys or playthings) sold in kit form; Plastic toys (playthings); Plush figures (toys); Plush stuffed toys; Plush toys; Remote control toys; Rubber toys (playthings); Scale models (toys or playthings) incorporating a motor; Scale models (toys); Soft toys in the form of animals; Soft toys in the form of bears; Soft toys in the form of birds; Stuffed animals (toys); Stuffed toy animals; Stuffed toy figurines; Tactile educational toys (playthings); Toy action figures; Toy animals; Toy bears; Toy birds; Toy cats; Toy dogs; Toy dolls; Toy figures; Toy fish; Toy horns; Toy masks; Toys (playthings) made of metal; Toys (playthings) made of paper; Toys (playthings) made of plastics; Toys (playthings) made of rubber; Toys adapted for educational purposes; Toys in the form of drawing apparatus for children; Toys in the form of spider-like creatures; Decorations of cardboard for use as festive decoration; Festive decorations (non-edible and other than lights)