Trademark: SouthCloud 1984309
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
22 January 2019
Registration Date
22 January 2019
Renewal Date
22 January 2029

Matthew Kelly

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Aerials for telecommunications; Apparatus for automatically placing messages via telecommunications equipment; Apparatus for telecommunications engineering; Cable converters for television being telecommunications apparatus; Call barring devices for use with telecommunications apparatus; Call charging apparatus for use with telecommunications apparatus; Cellular telecommunications apparatus; Cellular telecommunications instruments; Computer controlled telecommunications exchange apparatus; Computer programs for use in telecommunications; Converters being telecommunications apparatus for television signals; Digital telecommunications apparatus; Digital telecommunications instruments; Electrical instruments for telecommunications purposes; Fibre optic connectors for telecommunications apparatus; Fibre optic telecommunications apparatus; High capacity broadband telecommunications switching apparatus; Insulated telecommunications cables; Memory apparatus for telecommunications network design; Memory apparatus for telecommunications network management; Mobile telecommunications apparatus; Optical fibre telecommunications apparatus; Portable telecommunications apparatus; Racks and mountings specifically adapted for use with audio, visual, computer and telecommunications equipment; Telecommunications alarm apparatus; Telecommunications apparatus; Telecommunications apparatus for diagnostic purposes; Telecommunications apparatus for interfacing purposes; Telecommunications apparatus for measuring purposes; Telecommunications apparatus for transferring data to computers; Telecommunications apparatus for transmission purposes; Telecommunications apparatus for transmitting data for use with computers; Telecommunications apparatus for use in cellular radio networks; Telecommunications apparatus for use with analogue signals; Telecommunications apparatus for use with digital signals; Telecommunications cable; Telecommunications circuit board units; Telecommunications devices; Telecommunications digital exchange apparatus; Telecommunications equipment; Telecommunications ground station apparatus; Telecommunications installations; Telecommunications instruments; Telecommunications instruments for use in cellular radio networks; Telecommunications machines; Telecommunications multiplexers; Telecommunications network management installations; Telecommunications networks; Telecommunications security instruments; Telecommunications switching systems; Transmitting apparatus for telecommunications; Waveguides (telecommunications components); Wireless communication apparatus; Wireless high frequency transmission instruments; Wireless receiving apparatus; Wireless telegraphy apparatus; Wireless telephones; Wireless transmission apparatus; Wireless transmission apparatus for remote control; Wireless transmitters; Carriers adapted for mobile phones; Cellular mobile telephones; Local mobile telephone installations; Local mobile telephone systems; Local mobile telephones; Mobile communication terminals; Mobile data apparatus; Mobile data communications apparatus; Mobile data instruments; Mobile phone cases; Mobile phone chargers; Mobile phone covers; Mobile phone sets; Mobile phone straps; Mobile phones; Mobile telephones; Mobile television broadcasting units; Active cable connectors; Apparatus for testing optical cables; Apparatus for the location of faults in cable sheaths; Apparatus for the location of faults in cables; Cable connectors for use in the data communications industry; Cable installations for the transmission of data; Cable installations for the transmission of voice; Cable management installations for data signal transmission; Cable television apparatus and instruments; Cables for optical signal transmission; Cables for signal transmission systems; Cabling networks (installations) incorporating fibre optic cables; Communications cables; Connections for use with optical fibre cables; Data transmission cables; Fiber optic cables; Fibre optic cable; Fibre optic cables; Optical cables; Optical fibre cables; Telephone cable heads; Telephone cables; Telephone cables of optical fibres
Class 38:
Advisory services relating to telecommunications; Cellular telecommunications services; Communication of data by means of telecommunications; Consultancy services relating to telecommunications; Data transmission services over telecommunications networks; Delivery of digital music by telecommunications; Digital network telecommunications services; Fibre optic telecommunications services; Hire of telecommunications apparatus; Hire of telecommunications installations; Hire of telecommunications instruments; Information services relating to telecommunications; Internet cafe services being the provision of telecommunications access to the internet; Message storage and transmission (telecommunications); Operation of telecommunications apparatus; Operation of telecommunications systems; Operation of wide-band telecommunications networks; Optical fibre telecommunications services; Providing information, including online, about telecommunications; Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; Radio telecommunications; Relaying rescue beacon signals (telecommunications); Remote transmission of data by means of telecommunications; Satellite telecommunications services; Switching network services (telecommunications); Telecommunications; Telecommunications advisory services; Telecommunications consultancy; Telecommunications routing and junction services; Telecommunications security (providing secure connections and access including to computers and a global computer network); Telecommunications services by satellite; Telecommunications services for the distribution of data; Telegraph telecommunications services; Video conference services (telecommunications services); Wireless broadcasting; Wireless communication services; Wireless telephone services; Mobile radio communications; Mobile telephone communication services; Provision of private mobile radio services; Internet portal services (providing user access to a global computer network); Internet service provider (ISP) services; Providing internet chatrooms; Provision of user access to the internet; VOIP (voice over internet protocol) services