Trademark: Remy & Max 1983978
Remy & Max
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
04 February 2019
Registration Date
04 February 2019
Renewal Date
04 February 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 30:
Aerated beverages (with coffee, cocoa or chocolate base); Aerated drinks (with coffee, cocoa or chocolate base); Beverages consisting principally of chocolate; Beverages made from chocolate; Beverages with a chocolate base; Chocolate beverages; Chocolate beverages with milk; Chocolate coffee; Chocolate flavourings; Drinking chocolate; Drinks based on chocolate; Drinks prepared from chocolate; Artificial coffee; Beverages consisting principally of coffee; Beverages made from coffee; Beverages with coffee base; Coffee; Coffee beans; Coffee beverages; Coffee beverages with milk; Coffee concentrates; Coffee drinks; Coffee essences; Coffee flavorings (flavourings); Coffee products; Coffee substitutes; Coffee-based beverages; Decaffeinated coffee; Extracts of coffee for use as flavours in beverages; Flavoured coffee; Preparations with a coffee base; Apple flavoured tea; Aromatic teas (other than for medicinal use); Artificial tea (other than for medicinal use); Beverages made of tea; Beverages with tea base; Flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes; Fruit flavoured tea (other than medicinal); Fruit tea (other than for medical purposes); Herb tea not for medical purposes; Herb tea-based beverages not for medical purposes; Herbal tea (other than for medicinal use); Iced tea; Instant powder for making flavoured coffee-based, tea-based or cocoa-based drinks; Instant tea (other than for medicinal purposes); Jasmine tea, other than for medicinal purposes; Kombucha tea; Non-medicated tea bags; Non-medicated tea based beverages; Non-medicated tea beverages; Non-medicated tea extracts; Non-medicated tea products; Orange flavoured tea (other than for medicinal use); Packaged tea (other than for medicinal use); Preparations for making tea based beverages; Preparations with a tea base; Tea (not medicinal); Tea-based beverages