Trademark: Flykk 1983490
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
17 January 2019
Registration Date
17 January 2019
Renewal Date
17 January 2029

FB Rice Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 36:
Debit collection; Direct debit services; Debit account services; Debit card services; Electronic debit transactions; Account debiting services; Debit card validation services; Debit card payment services; Payroll tax debiting services; Accounts payable debiting services; Processing of electronic debit transactions; Credit and debit card services; Processing of debit card payments; Processing debit card transactions for others; Issuance of credit and debit cards; Credit card and debit card services; Services for debiting and crediting financial accounts; Bank card, credit card, debit card and electronic payment card services; Financial services related to the issuance of bank cards and debit cards; Credit financing; Credit rating; Credit brokerage; Credit agencies; Credit bureaus; Credit bureaux; Credit bureau; Arranging credit; Credit arranging; Credit unions; Credit insurance; Credit consultancy; Credit consultation; Credit advice; Credit leasing; Credit services; Cooperative credit organizations; Consumer credit services; Issuing credit cards; Credit assessment services; Credit rating services; Financial credit services; Revolving credit services; Credit agency services; Credit recovery agency; Instalment credit financing; Credit risk insurance; Credit card verification; Credit recovery agencies; Credit reporting services; Credit reference agency; Export credit management; Arranging of credit; Credit arranging services; Credit bureau services; Credit facility services; Sales credit financing; Credit information services; Credit cards services; Credit card services; Advisory services relating to credit; Agencies in the field of credit for farming; Arranging of credit insurance; Arranging the provision of trade credit; Automated banking services relating to credit card transactions; Brokerage of carbon credits; Brokerage of credit agreements; Cash replacement rendered by credit card; Business credit verification services; Charge card and credit card services; Co-operative credit society services; Credit card advisory services; Credit card and payment card services; Credit card management services; Collection of credit sales; Consultancy services relating to credit; Consultations relating to credit; Credit advisory services; Credit agencies in the field of farming; Credit and cash card services; Credit and loan services; Credit card payment processing; Credit card payment services; Credit card protection and registry services; Credit card transaction processing services; Credit card validation services; Credit cards (Issuance of -); Credit counseling services; Credit counselling services; Credit fund transfer services; Credit inquiry and consultation; Credit (Issuing letters of -); Credit management services; Financial assessment of company credit; Farm credit financing agencies; Evaluation of the credit worthiness of companies and private individuals; Evaluation of credit bureau data; Electronic credit card transactions; Electronic credit card transaction processing; Credit services relating to travel; Credit services relating to motor vehicles; Credit services relating to the provision of vouchers for meals; Credit services for export sales; Credit services for payment of insurance premiums; Credit services for the payment of insurance premiums; Credit services for use in the purchase of services; Credit risk insurance factoring; Credit sales (Provision of finance for -); Credit scoring services; Credit reporting agency; Credit recovery and collection; Issuance of credit cards; Issuance of documentary letters of credit; Issue of credit cards; Issue of letters of credit; Issuing letters of credit and certificates of deposit; Insurance services relating to credit; Insurance services relating to the provision of credit; Insurance services relating to credit agreements; Insurance against loss of credit; Insurance services relating to credit cards; Insurance services relating to purchase protection, price protection and extended warranty for goods purchased using credit cards; Financial rating and credit reports; Financial rating and provision of credit reports; Financial services for the management of credit cards; Financial services relating to credit cards; Financial services relating to letters of credit; Financial credit services for exporters; Financial information services relating to stolen credit cards; Financial information services relating to lost credit cards; Financial consultancy relating to credit services; Financial credit scoring services; Provision of credit for fuel expenses; Provision of credit facilities; Provision of credit cards; Provision of credit card services; Provision of credit; Provision of credit at airports for aviation, ground handling and fuel expenses; Providing extended warranty services for goods purchased using credit cards; Providing finance for credit sales; Providing financial information relating to the creditworthiness of companies and individuals; Providing purchase protection insurance for goods purchased using credit cards; Provision of consumer credit; Preparation of credit reports; Processing credit card transactions for others; Processing of credit card payments; Processing of electronic credit card transactions; Processing of payments in relation to credit cards; Letters of credit (Issuing -); Loan and credit, and lease-finance services; Loan and credit services; Management of credit card services; Preparation of credit rating reports; Issuing letters of credit; Issuing of credit cards; Issuing of letters of credit; Issuing of travellers' cheques and letters of credit; Underwriting of credit insurance (Services for the -); Trade credit (Provision of finance for -); Secured loans to fund the provision of instalment credit agreements on motor vehicles; Revolving credit securities; Provision of trade credit; Provision of finance for trade credit; Provision of information relating to credit card transactions; Provision of loan and credit facilities; Provision of finance for credit sales; Provision of credit information; Provision of credit rating; Provision of credit rating reports; Provision of credit through instalment plans; Acceptance of bill payments; Agencies for collecting electric power utility payments; Agencies for collecting gas utility payments; Agencies for collecting gas or electric power utility payments; Arranging the payment of customs duties; Automated payment; Automated payment of accounts; Financial payment services; Financial management of reimbursement payments for others; Financial consultancy relating to the execution of cashless payment transactions; Electronic wallet services (payment services); Electronic processing of payments via a global computer network; Electronic processing of payments; Electronic payment services; Electronic commerce payment services; Collection of payments; Collection of payments for goods and services; Conducting cashless payment transactions; Contactless payment services; Bill payment services; Bill payment services provided through a website; Check payment guarantee services; Clearing services for payment transactions; Automated payment services; Banking services relating to the acceptance of fixed interval installment payments; Processing of payment transactions via the Internet; Processing of electronic check payments; Processing of electronic payments; Processing electronic payments made through prepaid cards; Payment processing; Payment processing services; Payment services provided via wireless telecommunications apparatus and devices; Payment transaction card services; Preparation of pension payments; Issuing of payment gift vouchers; Money order payment guarantee services; Negotiation for the collection of cheques and bills of payment; On-line bill payment services; Payment administration services; Payment and receipt of money as agents; Home collection of financial payments; Information services relating to the automated payment of accounts; Issuing electronic payment cards in connection with bonus and reward schemes; Issuing of payment gift cards; Financial pre-payment services; Financial transfers and transactions, and payment services; Guaranteeing payment of medical expenses for foreign travellers; Guaranteeing payment of medical expenses for travellers; Telegraphic remittance payment services; Tax payment processing services; Tax and duty payment services; Retirement payment services; Processing payments for the purchase of goods and services via an electronic communications network; Processing payments made by charge cards; Providing multiple payment options by means of customer-operated electronic terminals available on-site in retail stores; Remote payment services; Processing of payments for banks; Processing of payments for building societies; Processing of payments in relation to charge cards; Loan services; Loan financing; Loan guarantees; Loan advice; Arranging loans; Secured loans; Mortgage loans; Loans financing; Guaranteed loans; Guaranteeing loans; Syndicated loans; Instalment loans; Installment loans; Advisory services relating to money management; Banking services relating to the deposit of money; Cash, check (cheque) and money order services; Electronic money transfer services; Electronic transfer of money; Electronic transfers of money; Exchange of money (Agencies for the -); Exchange services (Money -); Exchanging money; Financial banking services for the withdrawal of money; Financial banking services for the deposit of money; Financial services in the field of money lending; Investment of money (Services for -); Issuing of vouchers for use as money; Money brokerage; Money deposit services; Money exchange agency services; Money exchange and transfer; Money exchange services; Money (Exchanging -); Money lending services; Money order services; Money ordering services; Money transfer; Money transfer services; Money transfer services utilising electronic cards; Money transmission services; Trusteeship of money; Rental of paper money and coin counting machines; Rental of money counting and sorting machines; Provision of pricing information about money market rates; Provision of cash dispenser facilities for money deposit; Provision of cash dispenser facilities for money withdrawal; Money wiring services; Moneylending; National money transfer services; Automatic cash dispensing services; Automatic cash dispensing; Cash and foreign exchange transactions; Cash card services; Cash disbursement services; Cash dispenser services; Cash dispensing being customer-operated; Cash dispensing (Card-actuated -) services; Cash dispensing services; Cash management; Cash management services; Rental of cash registers; Rental of cash dispensers or automated-teller machines; Rental of bank cash dispensing machines; Provision of emergency cash; Insurance services for the provision of emergency cash; Issuing of cash vouchers; Providing information relating to the rental of cash dispensers or automated teller machines; Financial management of cash accounts; Financial services relating to the withdrawal and depositing of cash; Financial services relating to cash disbursement; Financing of cash advances; Dispensing of cash; Electronic cash transactions; Cashing of cheques; Cashing of personal cheques; Cheque account services for the cashing of cheques; Cheque cashing services; Cash processing; Advisory services relating to banking; ATM banking services; Automated banking services; Automated banking services relating to charge card transactions; Automatic banking services for change giving; Bank account and savings account services; Bank account information services; Bank account services; Bank card services; Bank cheque card services; Bank note checking; Bankers clearing house services; Bankers' clearing services; Banking; Banking and financial services; Banking and financing services; Banking (Home -); Financial banking; Financial and monetary services, and banking; Financial advisory services provided for bankers; Evaluation (Financial -) insurance, banking, real estate; Consultations relating to banking; Electronic banking; Electronic banking services; Electronic banking via a global computer network internet banking; Clearing-house services (Bankers' -); Clearing services (Bankers' -); Computerised banking services; Computerised information services relating to banking matters; Banking services relating to the transfer of funds from accounts; Card accessed banking services; Banking services in relation to the electronic transfer of funds; Banking services provided for paying bills by telephone; Banking services provided for schools; Banking services relating to travellers' cheques; Banking insurance; Banking services; Banking services for deposit-taking; Mortgage banking and brokerage; Mortgage banking; Merchant banking services; Merchant banking; Merchant bank (Services of a -); Issuing of bank cheques; Issuance of bank checks; Investment banking services; International banking; Internet banking; Internet banking services; Investment bank services; Investment banking; Investment banking consulting and advisory services; Financial services relating to bank cards; Financial underwriting and securities issuance (investment banking); 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Mortgage banking and mortgage broking; Mortgage banking and mortgage brokerage; On-line banking; Mortgage banking insurance; Monetary transactions; Financial transactions; Monetary transaction services; Financial transaction services; Foreign exchange transaction; Arranging financial transactions; Online financial transactions; Foreign exchange transactions; Conducting of financial transactions; Financial and monetary transaction services; Conducting of capital market transactions; Investment fund transfer and transaction services; Execution of financial transactions (Services for the -); Providing information relating to foreign exchange transactions; Financial transactions relating to currency swaps; Processing charge card transactions for others; Conducting foreign exchange transactions for others; Conducting of financial transactions on-line; Management services for loan related transactions; Actuarial services relating to financial transactions; Recording of inter parties transactions in respect of finance; Recording of inter parties transactions in respect of stocks; Estate management services relating to transactions in real property; Recording of inter parties transactions in respect of investments; Domestic remittance services; Domestic remittance services provided on-line; Advice on finance during retirement; Advice on finance for retirement; Advisory services relating to corporate finance; Advisory services relating to finance; Advisory services relating to investments and finance; Advisory services relating to investment finance; Arranging finance for construction projects; Arranging finance for businesses; Arranging finance for films; Arranging finance for radio programs; Arranging finance for television programs; Arranging of finance for sporting, cultural and entertainment projects; Arranging the finance for home loans; Arranging the provision of finance; Arranging the provision of finance to pay medical expenses; Arranging the provision of finance for construction operations; Arranging the provision of finance for real estate purchase; Building society services relating to finance; Consultancy services relating to corporate finance; Consultancy services relating to finance; Consultancy services relating to personal finance; Consultation on the provision of shipping finance (Services for the -); Consultations relating to corporate finance; Consulting services relating to corporate finance; Provision of commercial finance; Provision of equipment finance; Provision of finance; Provision of finance for sales; Provision of finance for leisure centres; Planning of finances relating to taxation; Professional consultancy relating to finance; Project finance; Property (Real estate -) finance; Finance (Raising of -); Finance services; Information services relating to finance; Information services relating to finance, provided on-line from a computer database or the Internet; Lease purchase finance; Management of corporate finances; Personal finance services; Corporate finance; Corporate finance consultancy; Corporate finance services; Finance leasing; Finance (Provision of -); Trade finance services; Provision of finance relating to the sale and purchase of boats; Provision of lease-purchase finance facilities; Provision of trade finance; Raising of finance; Research services relating to finance; Provision of finance for companies; Provision of finance for enterprises; Provision of finance for the purchase of vehicles; Provision of finance for hire-purchase; Provision of finance for health care; Provision of finance for property development; Provision of finance for equipment leasing; Provision of finance for business ventures; Provision of finance for the purchase of motor vehicles; Provision of finance for leasing; Provision of finance for civil engineering constructions; Provision of finance for real estate development