Trademark: Artnitso 1982999
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
14 January 2019
Registration Date
14 January 2019
Renewal Date
14 January 2029

Louise Hekimian

Goods and Services:
Class 16:
painting templates; watercolors (paintings); watercolours (paintings); works of art (paintings); painting books; painting boards; painting canvas; canvas for painting; papers for painting and calligraphy; artists' paint brushes; artists' canvas; paintings (pictures) framed or unframed; works of art in the form of unframed paintings; painters' brushes; brushes for painters; works of art in the form of framed paintings; art paints (paint boxes for school use); painting apparatus; palettes for painters; painting pencils; art paper; stretch canvas for painting; art prints; fine art papers; paintings mounted in frames; painting specimens being colouring patterns; fine art prints; lithographic works of art; artwork; artists' supplies (other than paints, colours or varnish); painters' easels; children's painting sets; artists' brushes; stationery; gift stationery; envelopes (stationery); stickers (stationery); stationery paper; paper stationery; office stationery; stencils (stationery); signs (stationery); tags (stationery); organizers (stationery); organisers (stationery); stationery goods; cards (stationery); binders (stationery); party stationery; stationery cases; pads (stationery); inks (stationery); covers (stationery); computer stationery; pouches (stationery); pins (stationery); patterned stationery; stationery materials; office supplies (stationery); paper holders (stationery); office organisers (stationery); wrappers (stationery); paper slips (stationery); paper folders (stationery); guides (stationery); continuous stationery; copying paper (stationery); document boxes (stationery); document wallets (stationery); laminated cards (stationery); marking pens (stationery); tabs (stationery); label holders (stationery); business forms (stationery); announcement cards (stationery); paper boards (stationery); paper sheets (stationery); document pouches (stationery); document holders (stationery); files (stationery); marking ink (stationery); school supplies (stationery); document pockets (stationery); binder clips (stationery); binder sheets (stationery); transfer letters (stationery); transfer lettering (stationery); note blocks (stationery); paper files (stationery); stationery for computers; spiral pads (stationery); comb binders (stationery); pad holders (stationery); pocket books (stationery); clips for cardboard (stationery); executive planners (stationery); computer print outs (stationery); binder inserts (stationery); stationery holders for desks; clips for paper (stationery)