Trademark: GRANDUDE 1982250
Trademark Type
Protected: Registered/protected
Application Date
10 October 2018
Registration Date
10 October 2018
Renewal Date
10 October 2028


Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Sound, video, optical, television, radio and cinematographic apparatus and instruments; sound and video recordings; musical sound recordings; sound and video recordings provided by downloading from computer and telecommunications networks, including the internet and the world wide web; satellite broadcast receiving and decoding apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for use in recording, storing, generating, carrying, transmitting, manipulating, processing and reproducing sounds, images, signals, data, code and information; computer hardware, firmware and software; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; teaching and instructional apparatus and instruments; electronic publications, downloadable; photographic transparencies; optical discs; apparatus and instruments, all for recording, transmitting, processing or reproducing of sound, data and images; television receiving sets; cameras; gramophone records, magnetic tapes and magnetic discs; cinematographic film and photographic transparencies; animated cartoons; non-magnetic and optical data recording materials; electronic video and computer games being computer software; motion picture films and motion picture films for broadcast on television; pre-recorded vinyl records, audio tapes, audio-video tapes, audio video cassettes, audio video discs, and digital versatile discs; stereo headphones; batteries; cordless telephones; hand-held calculators; audio cassette and CD players; CD ROM games; video cassette recorders and players, compact disc players, digital audio tape recorders and players, electronic diaries; radios; mouse pads; eyeglasses, sunglasses and cases therefor; downloadable audio-visual media content; computer software for streaming audio-visual media content via the Internet, computer software for streaming and storing audio-visual media content; downloadable publications; digital books, downloadable; downloadable comics; downloadable electronic publications in the nature of magazines; audio books; E-books; electronic book readers; parts, fittings and accessories for all the aforesaid goods.