Trademark: GSTEC 1981840
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
15 January 2019
Registration Date
15 January 2019
Renewal Date
15 January 2029

Seriously Trademarks

Goods and Services:
Class 37:
Advisory services for maintenance; Advisory services relating to the alteration of buildings; Advisory services relating to the construction of civil engineering structures; Advisory services relating to the construction of mechanical engineering structures; Advisory services relating to the maintenance of buildings; Application of fire retardant materials; Application of fireproof materials; Building maintenance; Building services; Cable laying; Computer support services (installation repair and maintenance of computer hardware and peripherals); Diagnosis of faults; Electric appliance installation and repair; Electric appliance repair; Electrical apparatus installation; Electrical apparatus repair; Electrical engineering services (construction); Electrical installation services; Electrical wiring services; Heating equipment installation; Heating equipment installation and repair; Heating equipment repair; Information technology (IT) services (computer and computer peripherals installation and maintenance); Installation and repair of air conditioning apparatus; Installation and repair of computer hardware; Installation and repair of telecommunication apparatus; Installation of alarms; Installation of apparatus for air-conditioning; Installation of apparatus for heating; Installation of apparatus for ventilating; Installation of communications network apparatus; Installation of communications network instruments; Installation of computerised information systems; Installation of data network apparatus; Installation of data processing apparatus; Installation of electrical apparatus; Installation of electronic apparatus; Installation of fittings for buildings; Installation of instrumentation systems; Installation of lighting systems; Installation of middleware (computer hardware); Installation of security systems; Installation of solar energy systems; Installation of telecommunications apparatus; Residential, commercial and industrial installation and repair of electrical and computer wiring and cabling; Installation, maintenance and repair of computer peripherals; Installation, maintenance and repair of middleware (computer hardware); Installing of electronic communications networks; Installing of telecommunications networks; Interference suppression in electrical apparatus; Laying of cables; Machinery maintenance services; Machinery repair; Mains laying; Maintenance and repair of buildings; Maintenance and repair of communications systems; Maintenance and repair of electrical apparatus; Maintenance and repair of electronic installations; Maintenance and repair of utilities in buildings; Maintenance and repair of heating; Maintenance of electronic monitoring devices; Maintenance of electronic testing devices; Maintenance, installation and repair of electrical items and equipment; Office equipment installation; Plant maintenance; Plant repair; Providing information, including online, about building construction, and repair and installation services; Provision of information in relation to the repair, maintenance and installation of goods; Re-calibration; Repair of electrical appliances; Repair, maintenance and installation advisory services; Repair, maintenance and installation consultancy services; Services of electricians; Servicing of apparatus; Servicing of equipment; Supervision of building repair