Trademark: HAPPOW 1977911
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
29 December 2018
Registration Date
29 December 2018
Renewal Date
29 December 2028

Happow Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 16:
Audiovisual teaching materials (printed matter); Teaching materials (except apparatus); Teaching materials for education; Teaching materials for information; Teaching materials for instruction; Diaries (printed matter); Directories (printed matter); Documentation (printed matter); Entertainment guides (printed matter); Guides (printed matter); Guides (printed matter) for entertainment purposes; Guides (printed matter) for recreational purposes; Planners (printed matter); Printed matter; Printed matter for advertising purposes; Printed matter for educational purposes; Printed matter for instructional purposes; Printed matter pertaining to information technology; Printed matter relating to banking; Printed matter relating to banking services; Printed matter relating to dieting; Printed matter relating to diets; Printed matter relating to electricity; Printed matter relating to examinations; Printed matter relating to film editing; Printed matter relating to film production; Printed matter relating to finance; Printed matter relating to financial services; Printed matter relating to health education; Printed matter relating to information technology; Printed matter relating to instruction programs; Printed matter relating to insurance; Printed matter relating to investments; Printed matter relating to knitting; Printed matter relating to medical matters; Printed matter relating to pet animals; Program documentation (printed matter); Program documentation in the form of printed matter; Published printed matter relating to telecommunications; Published works in the form of printed matter; Questionnaires (printed matter); Recipes (printed matter); Record cards (printed matter); Registers (printed matter); Repair manuals (printed matter); Reports (printed matter); Reviews (printed matter); Scorecards being printed matter; Scorecards being printed matter for use with games; Test booklets (printed matter); Training guides in the form of printed matter; Training manuals in the form of printed matter; User guides in the form of printed matter; User guides in the form of printed matter for use with computers; User manuals (printed matter) for use with computer programs; Users' guides (printed matter); Weekly publications (printed matter); Weekly publications (printed matter) for journalists; Weekly publications (printed matter) for the mass media; Weekly publications (printed matter) relating to horticulture; Work manuals (printed matter); Work sheets (printed matter); Workbooks (printed matter); Worksheets (printed matter); Year planners (printed matter); Books; Business books; Guide books; Hard bound books; Note books; Printed books; Writing books; Instruction manuals (handbooks); Instruction manuals (handbooks) sold with computer software; Instruction manuals (printed matter); Instruction manuals relating to computer software; Instruction manuals relating to training seminars; Stationery; Stationery for children's educational activities; Stationery for use in the educational field; Stationery materials; School supplies (stationery); School diaries; Diaries; Children's magazines; Company magazines; Fan magazines; Educational materials in printed form; Educational materials in written form; Printed publications for institutions of higher education; Computer software in printed form; Computer software in the form of printed matter; Computer software in the nature of printed matter; Booklets; Magazines (printed publications) relating to videos
Class 35:
Advertising; Advertising analysis; Advertising services provided by television; Advertising services provided over the internet; Advertising services provided via a data base; Advisory services relating to advertising; Business advice relating to advertising; Business consultation relating to advertising; Collection of information relating to advertising; Compiling indexes of information for commercial or advertising purposes; Consultancy regarding advertising communications strategies; Consultancy relating to advertising; Demonstration of goods for advertising purposes; Design of advertising materials; Direct mail advertising; Direct market advertising; Dissemination of advertising material; Dissemination of advertising matter; Distribution of advertising material; Electronic advertising services; Employment advertising services; Event management services in the relation to the organization of exhibitions or trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; Information services relating to advertising; Layout services for advertising purposes; Market research for advertising; Online advertising on a computer network; Outdoor advertising; Outdoor advertising services; Pay per click advertising; Planning services for advertising; Preparation of advertising material; Production of advertising material; Production of sound recordings for advertising purposes; Production of video recordings for advertising purposes; Production of visual advertising matter; Promotion (advertising) of business; Promotion (advertising) of concerts; Promotion (advertising) of travel; Promotional advertising services; Providing information, including online, about advertising, business management and administration and office functions; Provision of advertising information; Provision of advertising space; Provision of information relating to advertising; Radio advertising; Rental of advertising space; Rental of advertising space on the internet; Rental of advertising time on communication media; Research services relating to advertising; Scriptwriting for advertising purposes; Television advertising; Updating of advertising material; Web indexing for commercial or advertising purposes; Writing advertising copy; Career advisory services (other than education and training advice); Career counselling (employment advice and information); Career information and advisory services (other than educational and training advice); Career planning services; Charitable services, namely business management and administration; Charitable services, namely organising and conducting volunteer programmes and community service projects; Charitable services, namely the recruitment, organisation and deployment of volunteers; Consultancy regarding advertising communications strategies
Class 38:
Transmission of digital media files; Webcasting (broadcasting over a global computer network); Webcasting a television programme via the internet; Webcasting services; News broadcasting; Delivery of messages by audiovisual media; Delivery of messages by electronic media; Broadcasting of cable television programmes; Broadcasting of programmes by radio; Broadcasting of programmes by satellite; Broadcasting of programmes by television; Broadcasting or transmission of recorded messages and information; Cable broadcasting and transmission; Cable television broadcasting; Information services relating to broadcasting; Music broadcasting; Netcasting (broadcasting over a global computer network); Pay television broadcasting; Provision of broadcasting equipment for outside locations; Radio broadcasting; Satellite broadcasting services; Subscription television broadcasting; Television broadcasting; Broadcast of information by means of television; Broadcast of radio programmes; Broadcast of television programmes; Broadcast transmission by satellite; Television broadcast transmissions; Delivery of digital music by telecommunications; Digital network telecommunications services; Digital transmission services; Transmission of digital files; Audio communications services; Audiovisual communication services; Communication by computer; Communication by electronic mail systems; Communication by electronic means; Communication by radio; Communication of data by means of telecommunications; Communication of information by computer; Communication of information by electronic means; Communication of information by satellite; Communication of information by television; Communication services between computers; Communication services between data banks; Communication services by cable; Communication services by electronic means; Communication services by radio; Communication services by satellite; Communication services for the electronic transmission of data; Communication services for the electronic transmission of images; Communication services for the electronic transmission of voices; Communication services for the transmission of information by electronic means; Communication services over computer networks; Communication services provided electronically; Communications services for accessing a data-base; Communications services for the exchange of data in electronic form; Computer communications for the transmission of information; Computer network communication services; Data communication by electronic means; Electronic communication service by means of computer; Electronic communication services; Electronic data communications; Electronic network communications; Electronic transmission of written communications; Mobile telephone communication services; Planning relating to communications; Providing on-line communications links which transfer the web site user to other local and global web pages; Provision of communications between computers; Provision of communications by telephone; Provision of communications information; Provision of electronic communications facilities; Provision of electronic communications links; Provision of information relating to communications; Radio communications; Telephone communication services; Video communication services; Wireless communication services; Podcasting services; Electronic transmission (uploading, posting or displaying) of data, information, pictures, images, audio and/or video via online forums; Providing online forums; Providing internet chatrooms; Providing access to online computer databases; Providing user access to a global computer network and online sites containing information on a wide range of topics; Transmission of information on a wide range of topics, including online and over a global computer network; Radio information services; Radio telecommunications; Transmission of data by radio; Transmission of information by radio; Transmission of radio programmes; Cable television services; Interactive services for facilitating the recording of television programmes; Operation of cable television systems; Operation of television cable networks; Transmission of television programmes; Transmission of video films; Video transmission services; Video-on-demand transmission; Provision of hyperlinks on a website; Provision of hyperlinks to other websites
Class 41:
Publication of magazines; Providing digital music (not downloadable) from the Internet; Arranging and conducting of in-person educational forums; Provision of education services via an online forum; Provision of entertainment services via an online forum; Academy education services; Adult education services; Advisory services relating to education; Arranging of exhibitions for educational purposes; Business educational services; Career counselling (education or training advice); Career information and advisory services (educational and training advice); Charitable services, namely education and training; Conducting of educational conferences; Conducting of educational courses; Conducting of exhibitions for educational purposes; Consultancy services relating to education; Design of educational courses, examinations and qualifications; Dietary education services; Education information; Educational examination; Educational instruction; Educational research; Educational seminars; Educational services; Event management services in relation to the organisation of educational, entertainment, sporting or cultural events; Health education; Higher education services; Kindergarten services (education or entertainment); Legal education services; Life coaching services (training or education services); Lingual education; Management of education services; Management of educational events; Medical education services; Mentoring (education and training); Musical education services; Occupational health and safety services (education and training services); Organisation of competitions (education or entertainment); Organisation of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; Physical education; Preschools (education); Primary education services; Providing facilities for educational purposes; Providing information, including online, about education, training, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities; Provision of children's educational services through play groups; Provision of educational courses; Provision of educational examinations; Provision of facilities for education; Publication of educational texts; Religious education; Sports education services; Technological education services; University education services; Vocational education; Vocational guidance (education or training advice); Reservation services for concert tickets; Reservation services for show tickets; Providing films, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services; Providing online electronic publications (not downloadable); Providing online videos, not downloadable; Providing television programs, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services; Provision of non-downloadable games on the Internet; Organisation of youth training schemes; Electronic publication of information on a wide range of topics, including online and over a global computer network; Game services provided online (from a computer network); Publication of electronic books and journals online; Weblog (blog) services (online publication of journals or diaries); Charitable services, namely academic mentoring; Mentoring (training); Publication of books; Publication of journals; Publication of music; Publication of news; Publication of texts (other than publicity texts); Distribution of radio and television programmes (rental of programme material); Production of radio and television programmes; Radio entertainment; Syndication of radio programmes; Syndication of television programmes; Television entertainment; Television studio services; Booking of entertainment; International student exchange programmes; Production of news and current affairs programmes; Distribution (other than transportation) of videos; Producing of motion pictures, plays and videos; Production of audio and/or video recordings, other than advertising; Video editing; Video game entertainment services; Video production services, other than advertising; Personal development courses; Personal development training; Personal trainer services (fitness training); Multimedia production, other than for advertising purposes; Production of audio recordings, other than advertising; Production of films, other than advertising films; Production of musical recordings, other than advertising; Production of webcasts, other than advertising; Musical entertainment services
Class 42:
Design of stationery; Clothing and fashion designing; Clothing design services; Design of clothing; Layout design of books and magazines; Design of communication systems; Computer software design; Computer software development; Computer software engineering; Computer software programming services; Design of computer software; Development of computer software; Development of computer software application solutions; Development of software; Hosting of software as a service (SaaS); Installation and maintenance of computer software; Installation of computer software; Maintenance of computer software; Online provision of web-based software (non-downloadable); Providing information, including online, about design and development of computer hardware and software; Provision of online non-downloadable software (application service provider); Repair of computer software; Software as a service (SaaS); Software creation; Software development in the framework of software publishing; Software engineering; Updating of computer software; Upgrading of computer software; Writing of computer software; Online provision of web-based applications (non-downloadable); Creating indexes of online websites and information sources; Design of computer programs; Development of computer programmes; Duplication of computer programs; Engineering services relating to computer programming; Maintenance of computer programs; Testing of computer programs; Translation of programs; Updating of computer programs; Writing of computer programs