Trademark: UON SMART 1975380
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
15 January 2019
Registration Date
15 January 2019
Renewal Date
15 January 2029


Goods and Services:
Class 7:
Alternating current generators; Brushes being parts of generators; Current generators; Diesel electric generators; Direct current generator brushes (parts of machines); Direct current generators; Electric generator groups; Electric generator plant; Electric generator power sets; Electric generator stations; Emergency power generators; Engine driven generators; Gas operated power generators; Generators; Mobile electric power generators; Power installations (generators); Power supply apparatus (generators); Power units (generators); Electric power generators; Emergency power supply generators; Machines for generating power; Power transmission apparatus (other than for land vehicles); Electricity generating sets; Electricity generators; Engines for the generation of electricity; Generators of electricity; Machines for transmitting (generating) electricity; Turbine electricity generating machines; Diesel motors for machines; Diesel motors for stationary plant; Direct current motors; Drive motors, other than for land vehicles; Electric alternating current motor drives; Hydraulic motors; Internal combustion motors (other than for land vehicles); Machine motors; Motor control apparatus (mechanical); Motor control centres (mechanical); Motor control instruments (mechanical); Motor drive units (other than for land vehicles); Motor powered liquid pumps; Motor pumps; Motor speed regulators; Motor speed variators; Motors for use with pumps; Speed controllers (mechanical) for machines, engines and motors; Speed governors (mechanical) for machines, engines and motors; Speed reducers (mechanical) for machines, engines and motors; Speed regulators (mechanical) for machines, engines and motors; Control mechanisms for machines, engines or motors; Controlled rate release pumps for delivering pre-measured quantities (other than for medical use); Flow control installations (mechanical); Fluid flow control devices (pumps); Dewatering apparatus
Class 9:
Electric devices for use in the protection of generators; Electric power supplies (other than generators); Electrical apparatus (other than generators) for use in energy supply; Electrical power supply apparatus (other than generators); Electrical supply units (other than generators); Electronic generator instruments; Power installations (other than generators); Apparatus for electrical signal transmission; Apparatus for low power electrical engineering; Apparatus for monitoring electrical components; Apparatus for monitoring electrical instruments; Apparatus for testing electrical components; Control panels comprising electrical apparatus; Electrical access control apparatus; Electrical access control installations; Electrical adaptors; Electrical amplifiers; Electrical apparatus for controlling machines; Electrical apparatus for controlling the speed of motors; Electrical apparatus for converting alternating current to direct current; Electrical apparatus for the distribution of electric power; Electrical armatures; Electrical batteries; Electrical cable apparatus; Electrical circuit components; Electrical communicating apparatus; Electrical components; Electrical control boards; Electrical control instruments; Electrical control panels; Apparatus for managing energy supplies; Devices for measuring energy; Energy control devices; Energy regulators; Solar energy collectors for electricity generation; Solar energy operating apparatus; Thermal energy measuring apparatus; Alternating current power apparatus; Alternating current power installations; Digital control apparatus for power units; Digital direct current power supplies; Electric mains power units; Electric power analysers; Electric power storage apparatus; Electric power supply units; Regulated power supply apparatus; Apparatus for the supply of electricity; Electricity storage apparatus; Apparatus for the control of power supply to electrically driven motors; Automatic control installations for motors; Electric control apparatus for motors; Electric motor checking (monitoring or supervision) apparatus; Electric motor controlling apparatus; Electrical controlling apparatus for motors; Electrically controlled variable speed drives for electric motors; Electronic control apparatus for motors; Motor control apparatus (electric); Motor control apparatus (electronic); Motor drives; Automatic control installations for engines; Automatic control operating apparatus; Control circuits for use in connection with motor vehicles; Electrical controllers for controlling the speed of motors; Industrial control apparatus (electric) for machines, engines or motors; Industrial control apparatus (electronic) for machines, engines or motors; Sensors for use in the control of motors