Trademark: W 1974628
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
10 December 2018
Registration Date
10 December 2018
Renewal Date
10 December 2028

Teller & Associates

Goods and Services:
Class 21:
Plastic containers (household utensils); Covers for household or kitchen utensils; Brushes; Glassware; Porcelain; Earthenware; Non electric domestic appliances; Non electric kitchen machines for food preparation; Non electric kitchen machines for making fruit juice; Non electric kitchen machines for sharpening; Non electric mixers for mixing food; Non electric saucepans; Non electric pressure cookers; Non electric steamers for cooking; Deep fryers, non electric; Griddles (non electric cooking utensils); Frying pans; Kitchen tools (utensils, not electric); Carving forks; Portable small non electric utensils for kitchen use; Cooking utensils, non electric; Non electric hand held kitchen utensils; Servers (kitchen utensils); Sieves (household utensils); Non electric kitchen devices for chopping; Salad drainers (non electric kitchen machines); Articles of wood for kitchen use; Carving boards for kitchen use; Chopping boards for domestic use; Plastic cookware items; Cups; Mugs; Cups of paper or plastic; Bone china tableware (other than cutlery); Kitchen containers; Plastic bowls (household containers); Tableware of plastics material (other than knives, forks and spoons); Cake moulds; Bakeware; Cake pans; Baking trays; Casserole dishes; Oven-to-table tableware; Cooking pans; Dishes for microwave ovens; Kettles, non electric; Coffee pots (non electric); Non electric coffee brewers; Coffee percolators, non electric; Tea strainers; Tea canisters; Tea cosies; Holders for teabags; Urns; Jars for household use; Wine glasses; Ceramics for kitchen use; Crockery; Decorative plates; Tea sets; Paper plates; Disposable plates in plastic; Kitchen mitts; Pot holders; Shakers for pepper; Shakers for salt; Mills for household purposes, hand operated; Cruet sets; Wine buckets; Decanters; Corkscrews, electric and non electric; Serving bowls; Serving dishes; Serving pots; Serving trays; Platters; Cake stands; Cake servers; Cheese boards; Sugar pots; Milk jugs; Butter dishes; Cutlery holders; Portable coolers, non electric; Beverage coolers (containers); Coolers (ice pails); Combined closures for containers (for household use); Pouring spouts for kitchen use; Bottle openers (hand operated); Brush holders; Saucepan scourers of metal; Bread baskets for household purposes; Bread bins; Boxes for dispensing serviettes; Recipe holders; Paper holders for household use; Holders for paper napkins; Holders for paper towels; Plastic disposable gloves for household purposes; Candle holders; Vases; Chip pan baskets; Cooking pans; Non electric chip pans; Non electric cooking pans; Pancake frying pans; Shallow pans for cooking; stew pans; stew pots; Utensils for cleaning pans; Earthenware saucepans; Non electric woks; cooking pots