Trademark: LMK 1973909
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
17 December 2018
Registration Date
17 December 2018
Renewal Date
17 December 2028

Award Winning Accounting Service Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 10:
Body massagers; Electrically operated massagers; Foot massagers; Apparatus for the alleviation of lung diseases; Apparatus for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases; Apparatus for the diagnosis of cerebrovascular diseases; Apparatus for the diagnosis of inflammatory diseases; Apparatus for the diagnosis of neurological diseases; Apparatus for the treatment of lung diseases; Contraceptives for the prevention of infectious diseases; Hyperthermia apparatus for the treatment of diseases of the prostate; Hyperthermia apparatus for the treatment of urinary diseases; Medical apparatus for testing susceptibility to diseases; Adhesive medical instruments (supportive); Bags (fitted) for medical instruments; Cases fitted for medical instruments; Containers especially adapted for the disposal of medical instruments, syringes and other contaminated medical waste; Electro medical instruments; Electronic medical instruments; Finger pricking devices being medical instruments for use in drawing blood; Lamps for use with medical instruments; Medical instruments; Medical instruments for drug abuse testing; Medical instruments for infectious disease testing; Medical instruments for recording physiological data; Medical instruments for the removal of warts by freezing; Medical instruments for therapeutic drug monitoring; Medical instruments for use as aids to hearing; Medical instruments for use in relation to hearing; Medical instruments incorporating fibre optics and optical fibres for diagnostic use; Medical instruments incorporating lasers; Pneumatically operated medical instruments; Retractors (medical instruments); Shielding devices for medical instruments; Shields for medical instruments; Trays for holding medical instruments; Love dolls (sex dolls); Sex aids; Sex toys; Abdominal pads for surgical use; Adhesive drapes for surgical use; Adhesive surgical apparatus; Adhesive surgical instruments; Apparatus for cleansing blood during surgical procedures; Apparatus for surgical purposes; Apparatus for the application of laser radiation for surgical purposes; Armboards (surgical splints); Armchairs especially made for surgical purposes; Articles for surgical use; Articles of clothing for surgical purposes; Beds for surgical use; Belts for surgical purposes; Blood collection tubes for surgical use; Cases fitted for surgical instruments; Cases fitted for surgical tools; Catheters for surgical use; Caulking guns for surgical use; Clamps for surgical use; Clasps for surgical use; Clips (surgical); Clips for surgical use; Collimating position indicating apparatus for surgical use; Compressing screws in the nature of orthopaedic surgical implants; Compressing screws in the nature of orthopaedic surgical instruments; Compressors (surgical); Contraceptives being surgically fitted devices; Corsetry for surgical purposes; Cutlery (surgical); Drills for surgical use; Elastic compression bandages for surgical purposes; Elastic stockings for surgical purposes; Elasticised socks for surgical purposes; Electric air compressors for surgical use; Electric drills for surgical use; Sawcutters for surgical use; Saws for surgical purposes; Slides for surgical use; Splinting materials for surgical use; Splints (surgical); Surgical supports; Surgical suture materials; Surgical sutures; Artificial eyes; Instruments for the construction of tissue anchored artificial eyes