Trademark: rapacare 1973873
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
17 December 2018
Registration Date
17 December 2018
Renewal Date
17 December 2028

Liyuan Legal

Goods and Services:
Class 1:
Antioxidants for use in the manufacture of food supplements; Chemical supplements for use in the manufacture of vitamins; Proteins for use in the manufacture of food supplements; Vitamins for use in the manufacture of food supplements; Mineral preparations for use as nutritional foodstuffs for plants; Food protein as a raw material; Protein (raw material); Protein for use in the manufacture of foodstuffs; Protein preparations for use in cosmetic products; Protein products (raw material); Proteinaceous products for use in industry; Proteins for the food industry; Proteins for use in fermentation technology; Proteins for use in recombinant DNA technology (other than for medical use); Raw proteins; Wheat proteins (raw material); Chemical products for use in the extraction of minerals; Extraction chemicals; Hormones derived from thymus extracts (other than for medical use); Seaweed extracts for use as a fertilizer; Tea extracts for the food industry; Tea extracts for use in the manufacture of cosmetics; Tea extracts for use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals; Fillers derived from white minerals; Filtering materials (mineral substances); Filtering media (mineral substances); Mineral acids; Mineral extenders; Mineral fertilizers; Mineral products for use in growing plants; Mineral sands; Mineral substances for use in filtering; Olivine (silicate mineral); Processed minerals; Raw mineral substances; Spinel (oxide mineral); Bread improvers (enzymes, emulsifiers, gums, yeast starters); Dye migration inhibitors for use in textile dying; Foam inhibitors; Inhibitors; Particle adherent inhibitors
Class 5:
Acai powder dietary supplements; Albumin dietary supplements; Alginate dietary supplements; Antioxidants (dietary supplements); Bee glue (propolis) dietary supplements; Carbohydrate based dietary supplements; Casein dietary supplements; Collagen based medicated supplements; Colostrum supplements; Dietary food supplements; Dietary nutritional supplements; Dietary protein supplements; Dietary supplements; Energy drinks (dietary supplements); Enzyme dietary supplements; Fibre supplements; Food supplements (dietary supplements); Glucose dietary supplements; Herbal dietary supplements; Lactose (nutritional supplement); Lecithin dietary supplements; Linseed dietary supplements; Maltodextrins (nutritional supplements); Medicated food supplements; Milk calcium concentrate (nutritional supplement); Milk sugar (nutritional supplement); Mineral dietary supplements for humans; Mineral food supplements; Mineral preparations for use as supplements to drinking water; Non-carbohydrate dietary supplements; Nutritional supplement protein bars; Nutritional supplements; Plant extracts (dietary supplements); Pollen dietary supplements; Propolis dietary supplements; Protein dietary supplements; Protein supplements for humans; Royal jelly (nutritional supplement); Royal jelly dietary supplements; Supplements (trace element) for foodstuffs for human consumption; Vitamin preparations in the nature of food supplements; Vitamin supplements; Wheat germ dietary supplements; Yeast dietary supplements; Dietetic foods for use in clinical nutrition; Milk powder for nutritional purposes for babies; Mineral preparations for use as nutritional additives to foodstuffs for humans; Nutritional meal replacements; Nutritional solutions for medical use for intravenous administration; Parenteral nutrition solutions for medical use; Preparations for denaturing allergen protein; Protein preparations for use as additives to foodstuffs for human consumption (adapted for medical purposes); Proteins for medical use in binding antibodies; Proteins for medical use in detecting antibodies; Plant extracts for medical use; Plant extracts for pharmaceutical use; Tonics (medicinal) based on plant extracts; Extracts of hops for pharmaceutical purposes; Extracts of medicinal plants; Extracts of plants in capsule form (for pharmaceutical use); Ginseng extract; Ginseng extract products; Herbal extracts for medical purposes; Malt extracts for medical use; Pine needle extracts for medical purposes; Pollen extracts; Root extracts for medical purposes; Yeast extracts for pharmaceutical purposes; By-products of the processing of cereals for dietetic or medical purposes; Dietary fibre; Dietary food preparations for medical use (medical food); Dietetic beverages adapted for medical purposes; Dietetic confectionery adapted for medical purposes; Dietetic drinks adapted for medical purposes; Dietetic foods adapted for medical purposes; Dietetic foodstuffs for medical purposes; Dietetic infusions for medical use; Dietetic preparations adapted for medical use; Dietetic substances adapted for medical use; Dietetic substances for babies; Dietetic substances for infants; Dietetic substances for invalids (medical foods); Dietetic substances for medical use; Effervescent dietetic preparations for pharmaceutical purposes; Modified starches for food for persons with a dietary disorder; Starch for dietetic or pharmaceutical purposes; Starches for dietetic purposes; Beverages containing added minerals (for medical purposes); Ginseng preparations incorporating vitamins and minerals; Medicated mineral drinks; Mineral additives to foodstuffs for human consumption; Mineral waters for medical purposes; Natural mineral water for medical purposes; Preparations of minerals; Active dried yeast for pharmaceutical purposes; Yeast for pharmaceutical purposes; Yeast in pill form for medical use; Biomass inhibitors; Microbial growth inhibitors